Youth support the emergency response training centre in Nova Scotia

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April 03, 2013

Youth support the emergency response training centre in Nova Scotia

From disaster relief to programs that improve emergency preparedness skills, the services provided by the Canadian Red Cross are essential for helping people across the country and around the world to overcome the challenges of emergencies and disasters no matter where or when they occur.

The volunteers who serve with the Canadian Red Cross - one of the most active non-profit organizations in the country - use their knowledge, passion and drive to empower the lives of those who are vulnerable.

Youth who are driven to engage in social change and to better their communities are an integral component of the Canadian Red Cross' success. 

Training Centre in Nova Scotia
On March 13, 2013, Premier Dexter announced that the province of Nova Scotia would be contributing $800,000 to the construction of a training facility for the Canadian Red Cross.

This state-of-the-art training centre will include updated equipment, plenty of space which will be used to train volunteers and will specifically benefit the organization's disaster relief management efforts.

This donation is part of a large-scale, $3 million campaign to improve emergency preparedness in the province. The Canadian Red Cross has also received donations from individuals, including youth.

The Red Cross Cold Campout
In an effort to help the Canadian Red Cross in Nova Scotia, youth, like Halifax high school student Samantha Miller, became involved with the Red Cross Cold Campout.

The Campout began on October 18, and was part of the youth's attempt to raise $100,000. Miller and 15 other students spent 24 hours at the Garrison Grounds in Halifax as part of the campaign in a disaster simulation scenario.

The students also sought to raise money for the Canadian Red Cross by holding bake sales and reaching out to corporations in the area.

Make a difference
Youth are an essential part of the Canadian Red Cross. Through their passion and commitment to social change, they can influence their communities - and even the national dialogue - in substantial ways.

As an active humanitarian organization, the Canadian Red Cross' programs around the country are designed to engage youth and offer them valuable leadership opportunities. In addition to gaining job experience, they can build lasting friendships and explore new ideas.

If there's a young person in your life who you believe can can offer their assistance to the Canadian Red Cross by advocating on humanitarian issues or supporting communities in need around the world, please reach out to your local office today. You can also show your support by choosing to donate online today.