The Canadian Red Cross celebrates CPR Month

Topics: First Aid and CPR
November 14, 2013

The Canadian Red Cross celebrates CPR Month

The Canadian Red Cross isn't just one of the largest non-profit disaster relief organizations in the country. Alongside providing rapid response to emergencies, the Canadian Red Cross is devoted to giving individuals the training and preparedness to save lives on their own.

November is CPR month in Canada, and the Canadian Red Cross is marking this occasion to promote its official first aid app. Available for Apple and Android smartphones and other mobile devices, the free app helps users keep their CPR and first aid skills up-to-date. An emergency mode even offers step-by-step instructions for responding to certain emergencies.

Of course, while it can help save a life, an app is no replacement for real life first aid and CPR training. The Canadian Red Cross offers a variety of first aid training programs where attendees can learn essential skills across a wide range of courses. Each course is taught by a dedicated instructor, features hands-on components for ease of learning and provides students with training materials. Choose from courses such as Standard First Aid & CPR, Emergency Child Care First Aid and CPR, Wilderness & Remote First Aid, Babysitting or CPR/AED (automated external defibrillator). Many classes can be completed in an afternoon and offer flexible scheduling.

First aid and CPR training in the home and workplace
Want to do your part in supporting CPR month? The best thing you can do is become certified yourself - then spread the word. You may also want to consider educating yourself and others on first aid and CPR tips for home life. The Canadian Red Cross has excellent resources, from holiday first aid and safety to recognizing the signs of a heart attack or stroke.

Just as important are first aid and CPR in the workplace. The Canadian Red Cross offers a variety of courses that help workplaces across a variety of industries remain compliant with federal and provincial/territorial occupational health and safety legislation. Workplace courses use a range of teaching techniques, including media presentations, skill demonstration and practice, emergency scenarios, exercises, and class discussions followed by Q&A.

This November, make the choice that could help you save a life. Get your first aid and CPR certification - then get the Canadian Red Cross first aid app. You can also donate to the Canadian Red Cross today and help spread first aid and CPR services around the country.