During this challenging period of disruption and change, many employees are experiencing higher levels of stress. People may be feeling worried and uneasy about current events, spending more time alone, or caring for children while balancing work responsibilities.

While we focus our efforts on staying healthy, it’s important that our mental health is part of that.

The Red Cross Psychological First Aid program is built on the latest evidence-based research on emotional, psychological, and social well-being from the international community, including the World Health Organization (WHO). The program uses an audience-specific, case-based approach to learning in which participants work together to consider daily stresses in their own environments, and then collaboratively develop tools and strategies to manage the effects of various types of stress. This approach helps to foster a collective culture of wellness and support.

When employees feel supported and are given the tools to manage their own stress, they perform better. Not only that, they feel better.

When you take our Psychological First Aid course, you'll leave with:


Practical take-away tools to reinforce and maintain a positive approach when working with others.


Strategies to mitigate the effects of stress and improve your resiliency.


Your own self-care plan.


Confidence in yourself and a sense of empowerment to support others who may be struggling.

Christian Clavelle says learning Psychological First Aid helped him cope with the loss of his two younger siblings. Today, he teaches Psychological First Aid in Winnipeg.

Red Cross offers flexible delivery options catering to the unique needs of individuals and groups. Our menu of courses includes two self-directed, online courses, as well as Instructor-led options with in-person and blended training formats.


(45-90 minutes online)

Caring for Others

(45-90 minutes online)

Self-Care & Wellness

45–90 minutes online and 1hr30–2 hours in-class

Psychological First Aid

12 hours in-class OR 45–90 minutes online learning and 7 hours in-class