Time is of the essence when a major disaster strikes in Canada. A rapid response can be the difference between life and death and can help families avoid heart-wrenching loss. Your donation helps us to respond quickly to reduce suffering and allows fellow Canadians to recover with comfort and dignity.

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The Canadian Disaster Relief Fund

From the east coast to the west, from the Rockies to the Prairies, in big cities and small towns, Canada has witnessed a range of unique and destructive disasters in recent years. Every 4 hours, the Canadian Red Cross responds to such crises. Some of these events make national headlines and receive support from donors while others garner less coverage but still require the Red Cross to respond with help, humanity and hope.

In recent years, emergencies have forced more than 4 million Canadians from their homes and left behind billions of dollars in damage. Supporting the Canadian Disaster Relief Fund helps the Red Cross plan for and be ready to adapt to unpredictable crises ranging from floods and forest fires to weather disasters and health emergencies.

Your donation to the Canadian Disaster Relief Fund can:

  • Provide food, hygiene supplies and healthcare to those struck by a disaster
  • Obtain shelter or temporary housing for a family that cannot return home
  • Help build reception centres after a disaster so members of the impacted community can stay informed
  • Offer referral services for individuals with unique needs
  • Provide continued training to our volunteers responding to major disasters

Regardless of the size of a disaster, the Canadian Red Cross works to ensure that those affected receive access to immediate basic needs. Your donation to the Canadian Disaster Relief Fund makes a difference by helping provide the shelter, clothing, food, first aid, and emotional support that allow fellow Canadians to make it through a disaster safely and with dignity.

Our organization is transparent, open and accountable in reporting how your donations are used. In Money Sense magazine's 2015 Charity 100 ranking, the Canadian Red Cross Society received A+ grades in every category, including overall charity efficiency, fundraising efficiency, and governance and transparency. You can be confident that your donation makes the greatest possible impact in the lives of Canadians and those we help around the world.