Across Canada and around the world, the Red Cross provides help and hope whenever and wherever vulnerable people need it most. When you give to the Canadian Red Cross, your monthly donation will be allocated efficiently because our over 100 years of experience working with people in emergency situations around the world means we utilize our resources in the most effective ways possible.

Donate to the Canadian Red Cross Fund

Donate to the Canadian Red Cross Fund
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The Canadian Red Cross Fund

Flexible donations like yours allow the Canadian Red Cross to rapidly respond to emergencies or emerging humanitarian needs anywhere in the world. We function across Canada and internationally and your support helps us serve both our many unique local communities in Canada as well as areas in need of humanitarian assistance around the world.

Last year, the Red Cross led 59 emergency relief operations in 42 countries. At home, over 2.2 million Canadians were assisted, trained or educated by the Canadian Red Cross. This was all made possible by generous donors like you who made a real difference in the lives of people suffering through disasters.

Your donation to the Canadian Red Cross can:

  • Establish shelter for families forced from their homes due to flood, fires or other disasters
  • Give sustenance to those struggling with drought and food shortages
  • Help re-connect loved ones who have been separated due to war or disasters
  • Provide blankets, hygiene kits and accommodations to families who have lost their homes
  • Train youth and adult facilitators in violence, abuse and bullying prevention education
  • Lend costly medical equipment to someone recovering from illness or injury

Donating to the Canadian Red Cross Fund enables us to provide help, hope and compassion to people struggling through a crisis. Your contribution helps those in need and makes a real difference.

Our organization is transparent, open and accountable in reporting how your donations are used. In Money Sense magazine's 2015 Charity 100 ranking, the Canadian Red Cross Society received A+ grades in every category, including overall charity efficiency, fundraising efficiency, and governance and transparency. You can be confident that your donation makes the greatest possible impact in the lives of Canadians and those we help around the world.