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Thanking Red Cross volunteers across Canada

Last week, across the country, the Canadian Red Cross has been thanking its many generous volunteers for National Volunteer Week (April 10-16). We have been sharing messages of gratitude from the Canadian Red Cross and encouraged others to do the same. Check out some of the great photos shared with #ThankAVolunteer throughout the week.

Red Cross volunteer appointed to the Order of Canada

For Ted Itani, volunteering has been a “marvelous opportunity to give back to society what society has given me over my lifetime...”  Ted was recently appointed to the Order of Canada in recognition of his dedication to humanitarian and peacekeeping work around the world. 

How does someone become an international aid worker with the Red Cross?

Here at the Red Cross, we can’t do what we do without volunteers! We get a lot of questions from people wondering how they can volunteer with the Red Cross as an international aid worker. Here's what we look for in an international aid worker. 

National Volunteer Week: #ThankAVolunteer

This week (April 10-16) is National Volunteer Week, so we’re honouring our incredible volunteers by sharing a few of their stories as well as heartfelt gratitude. At the Canadian Red Cross, we have around 20,000 volunteers who give their time and skills in helping others.

Get to know more Red Cross volunteers for Red Cross Month

As March Is Red Cross Month, we’re showcasing five of our many amazing volunteers who go above and beyond to help others. This is the second post to Get to Know 5 Red Cross Volunteers for Red Cross Month.

Kinetic - Volunteer Energy in Motion

Chatting with Cheryl Wauthier reminded me of two terms that I learned from an Intro to Physics class: Potential Energy and Kinetic Energy. Essentially, potential energy is whatever energy a body has stored in itself when it is at rest. This energy is converted into kinetic energy when an outside force acts on the body and sets it into motion. When Cheryl joined the Red Cross, I like to think that all the potential energy she had in herself to do great things was released, became kinetic, and hasn’t stopped moving since.

Get to know Red Cross volunteers for Red Cross Month

March Is Red Cross Month, we’re showcasing, in a two-part series, five of our many amazing volunteers who go above and beyond to help others. Volunteers are the heart of the Canadian Red Cross. More than 20,000 Red Cross volunteers share their time and skills to help others every day.

Refugee Arrival: A letter that warmed the hearts of Red Cross volunteers

Louise-Julie, a volunteer for nearly 25 years, once again stepped in to support the Red Cross during the Syrian Refugee Arrival response. Louise-Julie spent the holidays with the big Red Cross family. She is there at the Welcome Centre nearly every day, where thousands of refugees have been arriving since mid-December.

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