Red Cross Aquatic Safety Plan

water safety instructors
The Aquatic Safety Plan Guide & Template for Aquatic Facilities is a risk mitigation tool based on federal and provincial/territorial legislation, guidelines, and expectations around the planning needed to manage the risks associated with aquatic-related safety incidents, and the training needed to respond appropriately to these incidents if they occur.

The goal of the Aquatic Safety Plan Guide & Template for Aquatic Facilities is to assist indoor/outdoor swimming pool facility owners, operators, and staff to identify facility-specific hazards and to understand staff roles, responsibilities, and standard operating procedures to ensure safe and effective pool operation. The Guide offers resources and examples of procedures that could be used or modified in the Template depending on the requirements of the facility.

Immediate Benefits

  • Identifies and increases risk preparedness
  • Proactive development of an effective preparedness plan to promote safety
  • Useful by all municipalities and communities as it identifies the regulated and recommended areas to cover which meet all provincial/territorial legislation across Canada.
  • Promotes industry best practices
  • Available in both official languages
Red Cross’ Aquatic Safety Plan Guide includes information on risk management, legal considerations, and building a team. The Guide and Template contain 15 sections covering all regulated and recommended features of aquatic safety plans.

Areas Covered

  • Section 1 - General Facility Information
  • Section 2 - General Staff Information
  • Section 3 - Lifeguards
  • Section 4 - Instructors
  • Section 5 - Staff Training
  • Section 6 - Customer Service
  • Section 7 - Policies and Procedures
  • Section 8 - Water Quality Management
  • Section 9 - Occupational Health and Safety
  • Section 10 - Entrapment and Suction Hazards
  • Section 11 - Maintenance and Cleaning
  • Section 12 - Emergency Response Plan
  • Section 13 - Critical Incident Information
  • Section 14 - Unsupervised Pools
  • Section 15 - Sample Reports and Records
Note: The Template is intended to be adapted by the recipient for their particular context. Users of the Aquatic Safety Plan Guide & Template for Aquatic Facilities should consult with a qualified lawyer and/or their local health department if they need clarification on legislative requirements. If you would like to request a copy of the template in Word format for use with your own aquatic facility, please click here and include your facility name and email address.