Major Account Solutions (MAS) first aid and CPR training

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Our courses are taught by highly trained Red Cross First Aid Instructors. Our instructor base completes an extensive certification and recertification process to keep up with the latest teaching strategies and the latest first aid and CPR science. In many cases, our instructors are front-line professionals – firefighters, emergency medical responders, and nurses – who can enhance courses through their own experience and knowledge.

Our instructors use a learner-centred approach to training, which allows them to tailor the teaching method to the learning style of the participants. This flexibility increases participants’ retention of skills and level of confidence to act in an emergency situation.

Our courses offer:

  • Dynamic training techniques including presentations, skills demonstrations, practice sessions, scenarios based on real-life situations, discussions and exercises
  • Hands-on training using real materials to aid in skill retention such as mannequins for practising CPR, AED trainers, bandages and splinting materials, auto-injector trainers, inhalers, etc.
  • User-friendly full-colour manuals developed for participants using feedback from past participants and instructors, includes photos, illustrations, charts and lists
Workplace First Aid/CPR/AED Program Catalogue

Minimum regulatory requirements for first aid training

Having employee(s) trained in first aid in your workplace is a legal requirement across Canada.  Most workplaces fall under provincial workplace health and safety legislation while companies federally incorporated fall under the Canada Labour Code.

Please click here for information on the minimum number of employees requiring certification per workplace and the type of course(s) they need to take. 

While these are the minimum requirements, when deciding on the number of employees to be trained always take into consideration people’s availability as dictated by factors such as shifts, vacation time, sick leave, or meetings off-site.  As a general rule, for every one person mandated by regulations, a company should train three.  While having 100 per cent of employees trained in first aid is ideal, a good corporate objective is to achieve and maintain 25 per cent coverage.

Features and Benefits



Streamlined Operations
  • One national point of contact for account management and maintenance
  • Access to MAS toll-free phone number
  • Centralized billing and reporting
Leverage Economies of Scale
  • Volume-based discount pricing
  • Leverage buying power for training
  • Discounts on first aid and related health and safety products (e.g. first aid kits)
Centralized Record Keeping
  • Access to reports from the Red Cross database on all employees trained
  • Archived copies of all training records (minimum of five years) to help with recertifications
  • Replacement certificates available for lost cards
Customization Opportunities
  • Can implement call-out and/or email campaigns to ensure full client first aid regulatory compliance over short period of time
  • Potential to modify aspects of classroom training content to fit your company’s needs
  • Co-branded product order forms can be created and standardized to fit your requirements
MAS Online Portal
  • Access to client-specific log-in for corporation’s employees and separate access for administrators to view reports and monitor activity
  • E-commerce ordering site with hundreds of health- and safety-related products
  • E-learning courses and background information on legislation
Course Delivery and Materials
  • Flexibility of training at your location or at one of the Red Cross’ training partner facilities
  • A 202-page four-colour manual – the best first aid manual available in Canada – is provided with every full first aid course registration
  • Dynamic teaching techniques from front-line professionals


Major Account Solutions Contact

For more information on the Canadian Red Cross Major Account Solutions program, please contact:
Phone: 877.692.6644
Fax: 613.692.9001