Walking The Prevention Circle Prevention Educator

Duration: 35 Hours

How do we partner with RespectED to deliver violence prevention programs in our organization or community?


To train First Nations/Inuit/Métis to deliver 6, 12 and 18 hour Walking The Prevention Circle workshops to adults living or working with First Nations/Inuit/Métis.

Format (Length):

Classroom (35 Hours)
Please contact your local RespectED representative for more information.

Course Content/Objectives:

> Communication: Setting Up Safe Environments
> Historical Context
> Definition of Violence
> Types of Violence
> Roots of Violence
> Vulnerabilities
> Intervention
> Prevention
> Facilitation Skills
> Practice Sessions

Course Materials


Walking the Prevention Circle Manual

6 , 12, 18 hour Walking The Prevention Circle ToolKit: Curriculum and Teaching Tools

Walking the Prevention Circle Prevention Educator Partner Certificate



Introduction to RespectED
OnLine Self-Directed (1 hour)

  • Free

Must have participated in a Walking The Prevention Circle Workshop

Associated with an organization that has a signed Training Partner Agreement


Protection Legislation web pages

Introduction to Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement (Please contact your local RespectED representative to sign up.)

Ten Steps to Creating Safe Environments Workshop OnLine
OnLine Self-Directed (3 hours)

  • $45

Additional Notes:

Minimum age to take this course: 18 years