Red Cross Swim @ School

Learning that keeps kids afloat!

Students in the Red Cross Swim at School program

Red Cross Swim @ School is a participation-based swimming and water safety training program designed specifically for schools that allows entire classes to participate at different levels of ability.

The skills and knowledge in this program have been selected to prepare students to participate safely in aquatic activities. It can be offered as a stand-alone, water-based program (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced); a dry-land, classroom-based program (Water Safety Brain Games); or a combination of the two.

Program Structure

Red Cross Swim @ School offers three levels to accommodate children of all skill levels and abilities: 1) Beginner, 2) Intermediate, and 3) Advanced.

This program is designed from the Red Cross Swim program, which is recognized by educators for its swimming and water safety
education for youth.

By focusing on fitness and developing life skills, students are exposed to a safe water environment where they are encouraged to participate and increase their swimming endurance.

Everyone can participate and have fun. The program is designed to allow an entire class to participate at various levels of ability and
encourages everyone to achieve his or her own personal best.

While students are not evaluated, the Water Safety Instructor can track students’ abilities and make a recommendation on which level the student should enrol in for Red Cross Swim Kids.

Information for Parents