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Backyard Pools

Find swimming, boating and water safety tips from the Canadian Red Cross to help keep your family safe in and around water.

Swimming Pool Standards

SWIMMING POOL DESIGN AND OPERATIONAL STANDARDS. Table of ...... Where lifeguards or supervisors are required in the safety plan, pool operators.

Water Safety Instructors

The Canadian Red Cross has a long history of developing well-trained professional instructors who love swimming as much as they love to help others learn.

Backyard Pools

Backyard Pools. Health and Safety Tips. 1-877-356-3226 | 1. Backyard pools can provide many hours of summer fun, but they can also be ...

Drown-Proofing Toddlers

Although we begin teaching our children at a young age to be safe, ... Register in Red Cross Swim Preschool to learn swimming, safety skills and water ...

Summer Water Safety

Canadian Red Cross summer water safety tips educate Canadians on important boating and swimming safety measures in order to reduce accidents. Learn ...