Canada’s women-led humanitarian effort.
TRIPLING* your donations until July 27th.

Learn more about the Tiffany Circle. A unique group of women dedicated to the Canadian Red Cross’ humanitarian work.

In the face of crises, the Tiffany Circle is stepping up to help at home and abroad:


Where more civilians are subjected to the horrors of conflict, with lives lost and families torn apart.

The Middle East

Where armed conflict has led one million people to Rafah—a city just slightly larger than Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.


Where the threat of wildfires has much of the country on alert, with 16,500 evacuated in the Atlantic Provinces during the 2023 season.

Thousands of people face crises everyday. But you can do something about it. That’s the inspiration behind groups like the Tiffany Circle. And it’s why they’re stepping up to help with a 3X* donation match.

Your gift = 3X* the supplies

Discover the life-changing impact of your donation.

Comfort kit

Supplies like soap, shampoo, tissues, deodorant and toothpaste and a toothbrush. This kit helps to meet the personal needs of evacuees who fled their homes urgently.

After-the-fire kit

Including a smoke odor fogger, a flashlight, work gloves, mask, safety glasses, all-purpose cleaner and more. This kit helps people tackle the effects of fire on their home.

Dear community member,

“I’m so glad you took the time to discover the Tiffany Circle today. On behalf of the women in our group, from Halifax to Vancouver, we thank you for your generosity. Everything we do is a collective effort, and your donation is a big part of that.”
Siobhan, Donor and volunteer, Tiffany Circle 

3 times match

Now, it’s your turn. Help support Canada’s women-led humanitarian effort. You'll get a TRIPLE* match from the Tiffany Circle.

The Red Cross Tiffany Circle is a group of dedicated women philanthropists who believe in helping the most vulnerable in communities nationally and around the world by investing in the humanitarian work of the Red Cross.

Learn more about making a lasting impact. Join the Tiffany Circle today.

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