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April 11, 2019

As we engage in the reconciliation journey, the Canadian Red Cross is looking for opportunities to improve partnerships in Indigenous communities. Some of the communities Red Cross works in are experiencing traumas such as: multiple suicides, family and community violence, food security issues and housing insecurities.

To work more effectively in a community, the Red Cross must first learn that community’s story. This involves helping a community identify their strengths. “Focusing on strengths helps the community move forward and acquire the supports needed to become safer,” said Elaine Caswell, Risk Reduction Associate with the Canadian Red Cross in Saskatchewan. The Red Cross supports community resilience while providing programs or playing the role of advocate, connector or catalyst. They are informed about what assistance is available through the Red Cross or refer them to an external support.

Developing community relationships and partnerships requires building trust. An important part of this work is recognizing what the community values and bringing people and agencies together to celebrate. Bringing in positive role models like Saskatchewan Roughrider players, and holding feasts are a great way of doing this. These type of events lead to positive interactions between community members and each other, local agencies, local RCMP, ourselves and more.

Partners and donors like you help make this important work possible.

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