The Red Cross is there in the wake of a personal disaster

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August 13, 2021

family of three outside during the winterImagine waking up at 3 a.m. to your neighbour banging on your door, telling you your house is on fire. That’s exactly what happened to an Estevan family earlier this year.
While firefighters fought the blaze, the Pettitt family was approached by a police officer informing them that the Canadian Red Cross had already been contacted and that a room was waiting for them at a local hotel. 
“We have volunteers across the province who are ready to respond at any time of day or night to help people in Saskatchewan displaced by a house fire,” said Red Cross Emergency Management Coordinator Rawrie Bullock. “It is only through the generosity of our contributors that we are able to help people facing disaster.”
“I feel so fortunate because your brain isn’t thinking at all,” said Mark Pettitt. “It was so nice to have someone there looking after everything so we could do a few things, like call our insurance company and find a place to stay long-term.”
This year the Red Cross helped 615 people from 188 Saskatchewan families affected by personal disasters. Direct aid of $190,000 was provided through this service, ensuring people had everything they needed for 72 hours following the disaster.
map of Saskatchewan with dots showing all the places Red Cross responded to personal disastersProviding support to those affected by personal disasters, such as a house fire or flood, is one of the primary services provided by the Red Cross. Depending on the needs of the family or individual affected, this assistance can include shelter, food, emergency clothing and medical supplies for up to 72 hours. This past year, the Red Cross helped 615 people from 188 Saskatchewan families with direct aid equalling $190,000.
From Black Lake to Estevan, Lloydminster to Kamsack, support from donors and volunteers resulted in people in 51 Saskatchewan communities receiving help when they needed it most.
“You always think things happen to other people, but everyone is other people. We are other
people,” said Pettitt.
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