Doug Reid awarded the Order of Red Cross

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Candace Lamb | November 17, 2021

Doug Reid has been a calm and steady force for the Red Cross in Saskatchewan for the past 14 years. He is always ready and willing to help, whether it’s supporting a home fire or a large evacuation, leading a volunteer board through a time of major change or helping bring a community together to be better prepared for a disaster.

On Nov. 16, 2021, Doug’s contributions and incredible devotion were recognized as he was inducted into the Order of Red Cross at a virtual ceremony. The Order of Red Cross, the organization’s highest award, recognizes extraordinary people who have provided outstanding humanitarian service at home and abroad.

“Doug Reid is undoubtedly one of the most dedicated Red Cross volunteers I have ever had the privilege to work with,” said Sandra MacArthur, fellow volunteer and Order of Red Cross member. “His level-headedness, calm demeanour and vast experience as a Red Cross volunteer are so valuable when everything is in crisis.”
Fellow volunteers and staff highlight his ability to bring people together and ensure things are done correctly the first time. His guidance is valued, and he often mentors others without their knowledge.

During the 2015 wildfires, the largest evacuation in Saskatchewan history, Doug helped lead the local team’s response. He provided insight and leadership through some challenging times.

“Doug is the perfect example of what it means to be a Red Cross volunteer, demonstrating commitment, compassion and all the pillars of exemplary voluntary service,” said Scott Osmachenko, fellow Red Cross volunteer. “The smile that Doug displays when discussing his volunteerism and the joy he spreads is inspirational.”

When he isn’t responding to disasters, he looks for ways to improve response. He has been an instrumental member of the Saskatchewan volunteer advisory committee for many years. He provides invaluable feedback to the Red Cross team that supports operations development. In addition, he facilitates emergency responder training for communities in northern Saskatchewan.

“Doug has made extraordinary contributions to the Red Cross and to helping people in Saskatchewan,” said Luc Mullinder, vice president for the Red Cross in Saskatchewan. “The Canadian Red Cross is honoured to welcome him into the Order of Red Cross,”
Annual appointment of the Order of Red Cross is limited to 25 members and only has 350 total members. This year, two volunteers from Saskatchewan received this honour: Doug Reid and Barb Thompson.
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