Strength and Spirit Campaign

First Nation communities in Canada suffer from high levels of vulnerability to injury, natural disasters, family violence and suicide and research has shown their children are disproportionately subject to sexual exploitation and abuse relative to other Canadian children.

The Strength and Spirit Campaign is an Ontario initiative of the Canadian Red Cross that will work to improve and enhance relationships and partnerships with First Nation communities in order to more effectively deliver humanitarian assistance and improve the lives of vulnerable people across the province. The strength, wisdom, talent and potential in every First Nation community provide a strong platform for positive change.

In spite of the challenges they face, First Nation communities are becoming increasingly empowered. First Nation leadership and youth are asserting their rights, responsibilities, freedoms and culture with ever-increasing pride and commitment. However, very few communities have the capacity to implement sustainable programs that will help them improve the quality of life, health and safety of their residents.

The Strength & Spirit Campaign will fund innovative projects so that the Canadian Red Cross can work in partnership with First Nation communities to develop their capacity to promote health, prevent injuries, abuse and violence, and prepare for and respond to disasters and emergencies. The ultimate goal is to improve quality of life for members of these communities. One of these initiatives is the opening of a Red Cross Satellite Office in Moose Cree First Nation.

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