Volunteer Profile: Tim Kelley

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Jason Small | January 19, 2018

We are profiling another of our heroic volunteers who ensure the Canadian Red Cross can help people in need in Manitoba and Nunavut. This week’s volunteer is Winnipeg’s Tim Kelley.

Tim has volunteered with the Red Cross in Manitoba for the past year, although he plans to continue for many years to come. Currently he works with the Central Manitoba Emergency Response Team and as a supervisor with the Winnipeg Personal Disaster Assistance (PDA) team, which assists families that are dealing with small-scale disasters such as house fires.

A student, Tim is happy to provide his assistance to families and individuals who are impacted with disasters both large and small.

“Every successful interaction with someone who needs our assistance makes me proud. This could be as simple as lending an ear to someone undergoing the most stressful situation in their lives, to something as complex as accurately filling out documents so multiple people can get the food and shelter they need,” Tim said.

He is most proud of being entrusted with the role of supervisor with the Winnipeg team, allowing him to share his experiences in helping the team.

He noted that being a volunteer is an amazing experience because each day is different.

“It is one of the most rewarding volunteer experiences you can have, and no two responses are the same,” Tim said.

The Canadian Red Cross is looking for more everyday heroes who want to help their fellow Manitobans by providing support during difficult times.

“If you enjoy helping people in their time of need, and being part of an extremely dedicated and capable team, then you should absolutely sign up for the Canadian Red Cross,” Tim said.

Anyone interested in joining the Canadian Red Cross to be a volunteer, like Tim, is encouraged to go to www.redcross.ca/HeroesWantedMB or email MBvolunteer@redcross.ca.
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