Volunteer Profile: Evan Gouldie

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Jason Small | March 09, 2018

This week’s feature volunteer is Evan Gouldie from western Manitoba.

Evan belongs to two Canadian Red Cross disaster response groups in his area, the Personal Disaster Assistance team, helping people impacted by small-scale disasters such as house fires, and the Emergency Response Team, which deals with larger disasters, such as forest fires.

A volunteer with the Canadian Red Cross for two years now, Evan is also a sports aficionado, who curls and plays and coaches baseball.

As for his time with the Red Cross, Evan has had some opportunities to help people in need, including supporting people who were evacuated from their homes last year due to floods and wildfires.

“It was a rewarding experience being able to meet and help out the evacuees,” Evan said about being a part of the Red Cross team.

The Canadian Red Cross needs more dedicated volunteers, like Evan, who want to help people during times of disaster. Evan believes more people should join the Red Cross team, in part because of the positive benefits for volunteers.

“People should join the Canadian Red Cross because they offer lots of training opportunities, you get to be part of a great team and you can give back to your community,” he said.

If you are interested in helping by joining our team of local heroes, including Evan, go to www.redcross.ca/HeroesWantedMB, email vrs@redcross.ca or call 204-982-7330 for more details.

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