Volunteer Profile: Ellie Cansfield

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Jason Small | February 02, 2018

Ellie CansfieldOur latest profile of a Canadian Red Cross volunteer in Manitoba is of an experienced team member who has played a number of roles, including going into communities to support evacuations.

Ellie Cansfield has been a Canadian Red Cross volunteer for more than three years, working as a supervisor with the Emergency Response Team (ERT) and as a member of the specialized Support to Evacuation and Return Team (SERT). The SERT goes to impacted communities to assist in evacuations or the return home after an evacuation.

“I am especially proud of the SERT work that I have done. SERT often deals with evacuees at a time of maximum uncertainty and stress for them,” she said. “It is a good feeling to be able to facilitate the evacuation of the clients to a safe Red Cross location where the Red Cross ERT teams can provide a full range of support services to them.”

Besides working numerous hours as a dedicated Red Cross volunteeer, Ellie is a Chartered Professional Accountant and also has a dog kennelling and training facility with her nephew in St. Clements, Man.
The Canadian Red Cross is growing its team of volunteers by looking for more local heroes like Ellie to be there to help people during times of disaster.

“I would not call myself a hero. I see myself more as a good neighbour,” Ellie said.
She noted there is a growing need for more volunteers to ensure the Red Cross can help people impacted by disasters.

“With global warming, there will be more frequent and more severe weather events. There is a growing need for volunteers to help out their neighbours when a disaster strikes,” Ellie said. “A Red Cross volunteer is trained to help their community in a time of crisis. In today's world, a person's community can be global, national, regional or local. The Red Cross is uniquely qualified to provide disaster management services at all these levels.”

If you are interested in helping by joining our team of local heroes, go to www.redcross.ca/HeroesWantedMB, email vrs@redcross.ca or call 204-982-7330 for more details.

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