Resources for Manitoba Teachers

Educator Resources Available in Manitoba

The Canadian Red Cross has several resources available for Manitoba educators.

Red Cross Respect Education has a series of curriculum -aligned educational programs for students in K-Grade 12 designed to provide schools, and educators with tools to help prevent violence and promote safe environments.

Peer-to-Peer Youth Facilitation Model

  • This school-based, two-day training equips students in Grades 5 and up with the skills to deliver Beyond the Hurt or Healthy Youth Relationships education workshops to their peers as Youth Facilitators.
Adult-to-Youth Facilitation Model
  • An excellent way to build capacity at the school and community level, Adult Instructors (teachers, counsellors or support workers) are certified through a one-day training and can then directly deliver content to youth in their school and community, as well as train and support groups of Youth Facilitators from year to year.

Whether you want to build capacity with your school or division at the teacher or counsellor level as Adult Instructors or are interested in having students certified through our peer facilitation model as Youth Facilitators, we can help you build your team of prevention champions.

More information and tips for both programs can be found here. 

Preventing Injuries

Babysitting Course 

This 8-hour course equips youth, ages 11 to 15, with basic First Aid and caregiving skills. Flexible, in-class scheduling options are available, and complete resource packages are available. Please note that this course must be taught by a certified Canadian Red Cross Youth Leader. For more information, please contact Michelle Dandenault at or 204-982-7345.

Celebrating Pink Day Your Way
This year the Canadian Red Cross is excited to support schools in leading their own bullying prevention work in their own way. In order to aid your Pink Day celebrations, we have a variety of tools at your school can utilize.

More Information on Celebrating Pink Day

International Humanitarian Law

Exploring Humanitarian Law

This multi-day training certifies Manitoba educators to use the Exploring Humanitarian Law (EHL) education resource – a resource pack that helps to introduce students, ages 13 to 18, to the basic rules of international humanitarian law. The resource is recommended by the Manitoba Ministry of Education for social studies 20, law 30 and history 20. EHL matches various learning outcomes using contemporary issues and world events.

Facing Fear

A flexible curriculum aimed at helping youth people, ages 5 to 16, be prepared for disasters and deal with the aftermath of war, terrorism and tragic events, whether they occur at home of elsewhere in the world.

Children and War Toolkit

This resource is designed to engage young people in the issue of children affected by conflict. It explores the realities children face in conflict zones and the basic knowledge needed to take action.

Weapons and War Toolkit

This resource helps young people understand issues related to international humanitarian law and the use of weapons, and the impact that weapons have on civilians during and after armed conflicts.


This is a role-playing activity that explores civil conflict and international humanitarian law. This exercise helps students understand the complexity of armed conflicts and the difficulty in humanitarian decision-making in crises.

More information about International Humanitarian Law resources can be found here. Should you have any questions, please contact Mallory Shack at  or 204-982-7346.