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June 16, 2020

“The Red Cross is very different than other places I’ve volunteered,” says volunteer Garrett Young.
Garrett means it as a sincere compliment. “I’ve volunteered at many organizations, and it’s rare to be given the autonomy and training to do such meaningful and impactful work. The Canadian Red Cross has such confidence in the contributions of its volunteers.”

At 31, Garrett is younger than most Canadian Red Cross volunteers, and mid-career. He was onboarded in 2017 and stepped up his commitment in 2019 when he found himself between jobs. Now Garrett is based in Vancouver and works in the Health Equipment Loan (HELP)  depot, supporting people and their caregivers in accessing health equipment to safely transition from hospital following an illness, surgery or to spend their final days at home. “By  volunteering in your own community, you’re able to provide a critical role for those discharged into their own homes with equipment that will enable their recovery and improve their quality of life.”
In addition to the hours he dedicates to the HELP depot, Garrett is also expanding his volunteer role with the Canadian Red Cross. He  now also serves an emergency responder, helping people who experience a personal emergency like a housefire or flood to have their urgent needs met – like clothing, food and a safe place to stay.   Garrett is also a Duty Officer  answering those calls for assistance 24 hours per day, seven days per week.   

Last year, Garrett enthusiastically represented the Red Cross as a youth volunteer recruitment representative at colleges and universities around the province, including at Gathering Our Voices, a national Indigenous youth leadership conference on Vancouver Island. Finally, he sits on a government stakeholder committee with health authorities, community representatives and agencies as a Red Cross Situational Awareness Team Lead to build alignment in preparing for disasters.

The training Garrett has received for each role is so extensive and thorough that he is confident that it will help him move forward in his career aspirations in emergency management services. “I wasn’t even aware that this field existed until I began volunteering with the Red Cross,” he shares, “and now, with the in-depth learning and experience I’ve had, I am excited to see what lies ahead.”

For younger volunteers, Garrett highly recommends the Red Cross as it’s the best place to practically provide support for those in need and for communities.

“Because the work is extremely hands-on, there is a depth to the work and the value received by clients,” he explains. “But there is also a tremendous value to those who are ready to get in, give back, and show up to get the job done well, and I think so many people my age are up for that challenge.”
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Garrett Young - EM and HELP Volunteer