Healthy Youth Relationships - About this Project

#RedCrossRespect Social Media Campaign: By youth, for youth

mindyourmind and the Canadian Red Cross teamed up to work with a group of amazing youth to create social media awareness tools for the Healthy Youth Relationships Respect Education program. 

See the social media tools here.

Over the course of nine weeks, these youth from all across Canada have worked on creating original youth driven content that tackle the tough issues of teen dating violence, while never actually meeting face to face!  Each week the group  met for an hour and  a half via web conferencing software to learn, brainstorm, and create. While the facilitators were content experts and guided the conversation, it truly was the youth that came up with concepts, decided on content, and drove the project. The diverse backgrounds and perspectives everyone brought to the project resulted in really multi-dimensional and rich final products that will appeal to youth all across Canada. By creating a respectful environment, everyone was able to share their thoughts and feelings in some really fun and productive brainstorming and editing sessions. The Kinetic Typography video, Wellness Tips, and Info-graphic the youth co-created will all be bilingual with original French and English content. 

It has only been in recent years that the impact of teen dating violence has been acknowledged as a serious public health issues with serious physical, psychological, emotional, and relational consequences.  Current research indicates that teen dating violence impacts over one quarter of Canadian youth. These tools created by the youth will address this important issue increasing awareness as well as knowledge of coping and resiliency in young people.