Beet Party videos make learning fun

The Beet Party makes learning about sharing, inclusion, and respect fun! These adventurous, musical veggies help you teach kids about respect, kindness, acceptance, inclusion, team work, and sharing in a fun way!  

Everyone is dancing!

The Beet Party are dancing with their doppelgangers.

Theme of the video: Everyone has value and deserves to be accepted. Let’s value diversity.

Let’s all have fun together! – 1

The Beets play soccer with grapes and have fun sharing the ‘ball’.

Theme of the video: Be Inclusive. Share, take turns, have fun!

Let’s all have fun together! – 2

The Beets play with avocados, tomatoes, and celery sticks.

Theme of the video: Playing nicely with others and by yourself.

What a great show!

The Beets play music with popsicle sticks.

Theme of the video: Encourage and support one another.

Let me help you!

Two of the Beets have to help one another after getting stuck under a lid and getting caught in a Swiss Roll Cake.

Theme of the video: Helping others in need.

Don’t be scared!

Little Aneek Neek is sad and scared. The other Beets come to the rescue.

Theme of the video: Comforting those that are scared and sad.


Team work

The Beets are playing around making shadow puppets.They realize that with teamwork they can achieve awesome shadows!

Theme of the video: Teamwork can be a lot of fun.


Respect is the key!

Aneek Neek encounters a fly.

Theme of the video: Treat everyone with respect.  Hear what they have to say, no matter how small, what language they speak, or where they are from.


You can count on me!

Boom-Ka finds an egg, and takes care of it.

Theme of the video: Look out for those that are vulnerable, take care of others, and stick up for their needs.


Take turns.

The Beets make music together using the freezies like a piano.

Theme of the video: Take turns and be fair.