Keeping kids safe from bullying, cyberbullying, relationship violence and child abuse

As parents, you have the most important job in the world. Here are resources and information to help you keep your children safe from violence.

Get the Facts on Bullying

Bullying is not a normal part of growing up. Parents can take actions to keep children safe from bullying, and to prevent a child from bullying others.

Child Abuse

Child abuse is any form of physical, emotional and/or sexual mistreatment or lack of care that causes injury or emotional damage to a child. Child abuse happens to both girls and boys. The misuse of power and/or a breach of trust are part of all types of child abuse.

Dating Violence

Each one of us at every age deserves to be in healthy relationships where we feel safe, trusted and respected. But studies in recent years show that between 20 to 30 per cent of North American boys and girls will experience some form of physical or emotional abuse in a dating relationship.

Kids' Safety Online

The Internet is a great social networking tool for young people, but abusers know it and use its anonymity to access kids. Predators can adopt a false identity, initiate trusting friendships with children or youth and attempt to meet them in person.

Beet Party videos make learning fun

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