Healthy Youth Dating Relationships

Red Cross Healthy Youth Relationships is an educational program for students in middle and high school grades which offers teens the knowledge and skills to develop healthy relationships and prevent relationship violence.

How schools can be involved in the Healthy Youth Relationships program

The Red Cross Healthy Youth Relationships program consists of 12 experiential lessons, aligned and packaged for specific grade levels: Gr. 7-8, Gr. 9-10, and Gr. 11-12.  The grade lessons build on each
other to enhance learning through games, videos, role plays, and discussions. Read more about the Healthy Youth Relationships program for schools.

Schools can:

  1. Use the grade-specific lessons to integrate healthy relationships skills into classroom teaching, and support provincial/territorial curriculum outcomes.
    Teachers can purchase the Healthy Youth Relationships Lesson Packages from and deliver the program in their classroom.

  2. Train students as Youth Facilitators to co-facilitate the Healthy Youth Relationships lesson activities to younger students, alongside a teacher. Contact your local Red Cross to book a Healthy Youth Relationships Youth Facilitator Training!
    • The school signs a Service Agreement
    • Red Cross Trainers conduct a 14-hour training with students to certify them as Youth Facilitators.

  3. Become a Training Partner and develop a school staff person as Trainer to deliver training and support for Youth Facilitators from year to year. Contact your local Red Cross to learn more about becoming a Training Partner!
    • A Trainer Partner Agreement is signed by the school.
    • As Training Partners, your organization’s personnel will be provided with a curriculum, teaching resources and supporting materials. Upon completion of the training, personnel will become certified as trainers to deliver the Healthy Youth Relationships Youth Facilitator training.

Take the free Healthy Youth Relationships online course for youth!
Online course

Facts on Violence in Youth Relationships

Adolescents who experience dating violence are not only at an increased risk of being physically injured, but are also more likely to report binge drinking, suicide attempts, physical fighting, and sexual activity.