Take Action

Use your power for the positive to make a difference in abuse, bullying and harassment

Here are some activities that you can lead to raise awareness of abuse, bullying and harassment and help create healthy, safe environments in your school or community.

Preventing bullying and harassment

  • Become trained as a Red Cross Beyond the Hurt Youth Facilitator and deliver bullying prevention information to younger students or your peers.
  • Participate in a Pink Shirt Day at your school or organization.
  • Participate in Bullying Prevention Week at your school or organization.
  • Design a website in your school or organization that focuses on standing up for others and using our power for the positive.
  • Create posters with tips on how to stand up to bullying and display them in your school or organization.
  • Create screensavers in the school computer lab with bullying prevention messages and update them regularly.
  • Film short videos or a public service announcement to be shown during Pink Shirt Day or Bullying Prevention week.
  • Deliver speeches or short presentations on bullying prevention to your school, organization or parent group.
  • At school or your organization, play a song or make an announcement over the PA system reminding students to use their power for the positive.
  • Organize a community event such as a run/walk event or a concert with related music to raise awareness about bullying.
  • Host an art contest that asks youth to develop art or a logo that represents positive peer relationships or healthy schools—create interest through fun prizes.
  • Start up your own youth-led prevention group in your school or organization.

Preventing child abuse and neglect