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The Walking the Prevention Circle program

Walking the Prevention Circle acknowledges the wholeness, history, light, darkness, challenges and potential of First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples and communities. From the cycle of violence to the circle of healing, Walking the Prevention Circle recognizes the inter-connectedness of these opposing realities. Through this recognition, growth and change occur. The circle starts with awareness and moves to prevention.
Walking the Prevention Circle educates adults living in or working with First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities on how to recognize and prevent violence against children and youth.
First Nations, Métis and Inuit people and communities across Canada have guided the development of Walking the Prevention Circle and have identified their needs and the necessary components to address health and relationship issues.
The presentation explores:
  • The issue of violence against children and youth
  • Abuse from a historical context
  • The different types of abuse and neglect, their indicators and impact on children and youth
  • How to respond to disclosures, and the required legal reporting process
  • Primary prevention and safe environments for individuals, organizations and communities.

 Become a Training Partner

A RespectED Training Partner is an organization or community that offers Canadian Red Cross RespectED training for children, youth or adults using their personnel who are trained as Prevention Educators or Trainers.
As a RespectED Training Partner, organizations or communities can deliver education to children, youth and adults around bullying and harassment prevention, child abuse prevention, or youth relationship violence prevention.
By becoming a Training Partner to deliver Walking the Prevention Circle you will be equipped to offer Walking the Prevention Circle presentations to adults in your community.
You will be provided with a curriculum, teaching resources and supporting materials. Upon completion of the training, you will become certified as a Prevention Educator and be able to deliver the program to adults. Read more about the Prevention Educator training for the Walking the Prevention Circle program.
The Walking the Prevention Circle course can be given as a 6-hour, 12-hour or 18-hour format.

Become a Training Partner to Deliver Programs to Youth

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