Israel and Palestinian Territories

Israel and occupied Palestinian TerritoriesThe recent conflict in Gaza and Israel has generated large-scale humanitarian needs and impacted the lives of millions. Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement partners are attempting to reach out to all those affected   and respond to their needs. The humanitarian situation in the densely populated Gaza Strip is particularly dire. Ongoing tensions and violence coupled with restrictions on the freedom of movement have worsened an already serious financial crisis, heightened unemployment rates and restricted access to certain health care services.

During the 51-day crisis, the Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS), with support from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), acted as the primary responder in Gaza.  Palestine Red Crescent ambulances transported a large number of those injured or dead, and worked around the clock and in dangerous conditions to save lives and provide vital assistance, including food and water.

PRCS is a leading institution in primary and secondary health care services, emergency medical services, disaster management, rehabilitation and psychosocial programming. In times of emergency, it is sometimes the sole provider of medical services. It often gains access to victims in the most difficult places due to its protective emblem and the coordination with other Red Cross Red Crescent Movement partners. 

The Canadian Red Cross is supporting Red Cross and Red Crescent operations on the ground to alleviate suffering and provide live-saving assistance in in the Palestinian Territory. On the Israeli side, the Canadian Red Cross maintains relations with the Israeli national society, the Magen David Adom (MDA) and supports its operations in times of need.

Please give generously

Canadians wishing to support Red Cross Red Crescent relief efforts in Israel and the Palestinian Territories can make a financial donation to the Canadian Red Cross Middle East and North Africa fund.
As a neutral and impartial humanitarian organization, the Canadian Red Cross provides assistance based on needs and will not accept donations to only help specific groups or populations.