Emergency Management Professionals

You don’t have ordinary days. Neither do we.

What may be seen as exceptional for most is typical for a humanitarian organization.. The Canadian Red Cross is part of the International Red Cross Movement – the world’s largest disaster preparedness and response network. Regardless of the type or scale of a disaster, the Red Cross can help you and your community prepare, respond and recover.  Red Cross has agreements with over a thousand municipalities and eight provinces and territories across Canada. The Canadian Red Cross is a registered charity and not part of the Canadian government. Learn more»

Disaster preparedness

Disasters and health emergencies can strike quickly and without warning. Communities with up-to-date, comprehensive emergency plans can manage crises better and recover more quickly. The Canadian Red Cross has been engaged in disaster planning with hundreds of communities. The Canadian Red Cross helps identify risks among vulnerable populations, resolve gaps, and educates citizens on how to develop an effective emergency plan.

Disaster response

When disaster strikes, public safety is paramount. However, the response can quickly deplete a community’s resources. The Canadian Red Cross works in collaboration with local authorities and other agencies to address the immediate needs of those affected. Emergency social services are delivered by volunteers and staff, all trained to national standards. Red Cross teams are on call 24 hours a day.

Shelter and Reception Centre Management

A safe and temporary location may be opened by authorities and supported by the Red Cross during a disaster in order to support evacuees with the six Emergency Social Services (ESS):

  • family reunification
  • emergency lodging
  • reception and information
  • emergency food
  • emergency clothing
  • personal services

Disaster recovery

Disasters leave long-term impacts in their wake. Government assistance programs and insurance policies address most needs. Communities can call on the Red Cross to focus on assisting those with the least capacity – those living in poverty or those who are otherwise most vulnerable as a result of the disaster.

Take an important step to strengthen your emergency plan. Contact your nearest Canadian Red Cross office. You can’t predict disasters, but you can be better prepared by partnering with the Red Cross.