Flooding Information and Support

If you have been affected by flooding, please visit the information page for your region to register and learn more about assistance that may be available: Disasters and emergencies can cause significant disruption and add stress to your life. If you experience stress reactions that make it impossible to function normally over a long period of time, seek help. One option is to contact your local health facility or a local crisis support line. For immediate assistance anywhere in Canada, call 1-833-456-4566.

How to be prepared for flooding:

Learn more about how you and your family can be ready before flooding.

What to do when you return home after a flood:

Review the step-by-step Canadian Red Cross Guide to Flood Recovery for information on what to do when you return home after flooding.  

Taking care of yourself and others:

Become a Red Cross volunteer

Apply to become a volunteer. We will contact applicants depending on the needs in your community.