Frequently Asked Questions: Career opportunities - Application and recruiting process

We have collected a few of our most frequently asked questions to help you during your application and recruitment process.
Before your application:
  • Where can I review the current career opportunities and apply?
You can find our current career opportunities on our Career Center by clicking here. You will be able to search our open positions and apply to the role of your choice.
When applying, we strongly suggest that you use your resume by clicking on the button Upload Resume to fill in many of the fields on your application form. If you forgot to upload your resume, you can go in your profile by clicking My Info and add your resume in your Personal Information.
Our team will review your application and if you are selected to move forward, you will receive an email or call in the next few business days to schedule a telephone interview.

  • Can I apply to more than one opening?
Yes. You need to apply separately to each position you’re interested in. Separate applications make it easier for our team to ensure proper follow-up.

  • Do new recruits all have to be fully bilingual (French and English)?
Fluency in English, spoken and written, is mandatory for most of career opportunities*. Some roles require fluency in another language. If it’s the case, it is mentioned in the job description. Bilingualism is an asset for some roles.
*If you apply for a role in Quebec: Fluency in French, spoken and written, is mandatory for most of career opportunities. Bilingualism can be an important asset for some roles in Quebec. If it’s the case, it is mentioned in the job description.

  • I am only available for a few weeks, and I’d like to help. How do I apply?
We have different types of contracts that require different availability and mobility. If you are only available for a few weeks, we suggest searching for current opportunities with a temporary and/or casual type of contracts/ status.
You can find our open positions on our Career Center by clicking here.
Type the words “temporary” or “casual” in the Description Keywords search field and apply to the role of your choice.

A member of the recruitment team will assess if your availability matches our operational needs and if you are selected to move forward, you will receive an email or call in the next few business days to schedule a telephone interview.

  • I live in a remote city, and I am only willing to work in my community, should I still apply?
Each position has a unique location, and you can find this information in the job posting. We have remote positions, positions that require to be deployed in specific communities, and others that require to be available province and/or Canada wide. You should apply if you are available to work in the location related to the position.

  • Can I apply to work at the Canadian Red Cross if I need sponsorship to work in Canada?
We want to ensure everyone who applies to work with us has a great experience. In order to do this, we want you to make sure you are eligible to work for us before you apply. If you are located in Canada on a working visa, we encourage you to carefully review your visa to find out whether you are eligible to work in the job you are considering applying for. Every person’s situation is unique and it is your responsibility to make sure you comply with the specific requirements of your visa.
A study permit or work permit that entitles you to work in Canada may restrict you from working in certain sectors. Check the “Conditions” and “Remarks/Observations” section of your documentation to ensure you are eligible to work for the Canadian Red Cross in this role. Look out for things like restrictions on how many hours you are allowed to work or limits on which employers you can work for or restrictions on work in certain fields. For example, some study or work permits may say that the visa holder cannot work in childcare or health service field occupations. Some student visas may limit the types and timing of employment in line with Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations R186(F), (V), or (W).

We cannot give you legal advice or interpret your visa for you. If you are not sure about when or what types of work you are permitted to do under your visa, we encourage you to contact the IRCC via email or by phone at IRCC Call Centre (1-888-242-2100).

Please review your documentation carefully to verify that you are eligible to work in this role.

While you are applying :
  • I tried to apply, but I received the following error message: "This email address already exists".
You received this error message because a profile associated with your email address already exists in our system. You will need to log in as a "Returning Applicant" first, and then you can add the desired position to your application profile.
If you don’t remember your password, you can always reset your password by following these steps:
  1. Click on “Login Page”
  2. Click on “Forgot password?”
  3. Enter your email address and click on “Submit”
If the email you entered exists in our system, you will shortly receive a message at your email address with further instructions on how to reset your password.

After you submitted your application:
  • If I was rejected during the selection process on a position, am I allowed to reapply later?
If you have been informed that you have not passed a selection step, you will have the opportunity to re-apply for another position.
Please note that if you try to reapply on the same open position, you will receive an error message. If you want to reapply for the same position in the future because you feel like you now meet all the requirements and criteria for the role, please contact our Talent Acquisition Team at and send the updated version of your resume.

  • I applied for a role, but I want to withdraw my application. What should I do?
When a recruiter contacts you, simply advise them that you are no longer available for the position.

  • I applied for a position, but I still haven't been called for an interview. What does this mean?
The hiring process can be longer for some roles, as we are recruiting on a continuous basis. However, even when we are not moving forward with applications, it’s important for us to notify our candidates via email. Even so, sometimes, it can be longer than expected. Please note that for some positions, we are only contacting candidates that have been pre-selected from the resume review.

  • How can I ensure that my application to a position was submitted properly?
All applications must be completed through the Canadian Red Cross Career Centre in order to appear in our system. After you apply, you can log into your candidate profile on the Career Centre to view your application(s). Once you have logged in, the first section on the main page should be “Positions to which you have applied”. If you do not see this, please click on the “My Jobs” icon in the top right corner of the screen. If the position that you have applied to is listed in this section, it means that we have received your application. Underneath this section, you will see a section of draft applications. If you see an application in this section, you can click on the role in order to complete the rest of the application in order for us to review your candidacy for the role.

If you still have unanswered questions:
- For questions regarding your application or the recruiting process, please contact our Talent Acquisition Team at
- For questions regarding your onboarding, training, or deployment, please contact our Shared Services team at 1-844-818-2155.

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