Emergency Community Support Fund – Granting Program for Non-Profits

Thanks to funding from the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund, led by Employment and Social Development Canada,  the Canadian Red Cross is making support available to community organizations across the country, as they deliver services to those who are most vulnerable to the health, social and economic impacts of COVID-19.
All projects below focus on ensuring community-based supports to vulnerable populations in Canada or address a pressing social inclusion or wellbeing need. Here is a list of our current partnerships to date:
  1. ShEvalesco Female Empowerment Association – Designing and delivering weekly resources and webinars to women across British Columbia in order to build resilience and reduce isolation.
  2. Metro Toronto Chinese & Southeast Asian Legal Clinic – Providing access to legal services to Toronto’s Asian community through virtual service delivery.
  3. La fédération du sport francophone de l'Alberta – Sharing French-language videos to encourage families, children, the elderly, and women to stay active during COVID-19 in Alberta.
  4. Sher Vancouver LGTBQ2S+ Friends Society – Providing counselling, crisis support, and peer supports to LGTBQ2S+ people to ensure their specific COVID-19 needs are met.
  5. Darkspark – Delivering arts programming for youth in vulnerable communities across the country by developing an online platform to share with community members.
  6. Centre récréatif, culturel et sportif St-Zotique – Adapting a local community space to allow for physically distant sports and recreation activities for children and youth.
  7. MusGo Rider Valley - Sheet Harbour Cooperative Ltd. – Providing free transportation and delivery services for seniors and others living in poverty or impacted by COVID-19.
  8. Association Francophone de Brooks – Ensuring that the youth centre is a safe environment during COVID-19 so that it can continue to provide service to children and young immigrants.
  9. Mission Alano Club – Allowing the club to reopen and provide assistance to additional people experiencing homelessness, living with mental illness, or struggling with addiction, and others who are also increasingly vulnerable.
  10. Comité d'action des personnes vivant des situations de handicap – Providing support to people with disabilities by maintaining daily contact, reducing isolation through engagement, and sharing health materials.
  11. Afropolitan Canada – Addressing the impact of school closures on black youth in the Greater Toronto Area by adapting their bilingual career accelerator program which enhances employment skills.
  12. Répit aînés Montérégie Senior Respite Montérégie - Opening a “coffee shop” drop-in centre for local seniors who experience depression and anxiety due to forced isolation as a result of COVID-19.
  13. Yoga Buggy – Adapting the summer programming to deliver online yoga sessions for children and youth in British Columbia to promote social inclusion, wellbeing, and mental health.
  14. Clan métis centre nord du Saguenay – Recruitment of new volunteers to provide comfort and support to vulnerable or isolated people in need.
  15. Calgary Pride Planning Committee – Increasing the wellbeing and social inclusion of LGBTQ2S+ through adapting the annual Calgary Pride week events to a free online learning series.
  16. Conseil national des chômeurs et chômeuses – Development of a website with information on income assistance programs and training on how to apply in order to increase access for people experiencing unemployment.
  17. RePère, relation d'entraide pour une paternité renouvelée – Offering tools and services to promote parenting skills in fathers as many have become stressed, isolated, and are grappling with unemployment.
  18. Golden Maple Leaf Seniors Association – Mobilizing volunteers to reach seniors in the Greater Toronto Area by doing wellness checks, delivering groceries and other essential supplies, and running virtual meetings with families on COVID-19 safety and prevention.
  19. Loisirs Lebourgneuf Inc – Creating a series of webinars offered to families and vulnerable people promoting active living, a health lifestyle, and the importance of leisure during the epidemic.
  20. Redleaf Cultural Integration – Supporting primarily Chinese seniors in Burlington, Ontario through online workshops to reduce their isolation while social distancing and phone calls with volunteers to check on their wellbeing.
  21. Assemblée francophone des retraités et aînés de la Colombie-Britannique – Adapting the organization’s integration and accessibility program to an online version in order to allow for continued support to British Columbia’s most vulnerable and isolated seniors.
  22. Malton Women Council - Providing individualized and group peer support to women of mostly South Asian descent experiencing COVID-19 challenges and losses related to health and wellbeing, economic security, social and cultural connections, and personal freedom.
  23. Centre communautaire francophone de Truro – Using online resources to adapt the social-inclusion program for French-speaking seniors in Truro, Nova Scotia to reduce isolation caused by COVID-19.
  24. Caregivers Network for East Kootenay Seniors Society - Facilitating access to information and support services for family caregivers and seniors facing increased isolation and health concerns during COVID-19.
  25. Association de la Piscine Westminister (Westminster Pool) – Ensuring ongoing access to the Westminster Pool, an important community recreation space, by introducing new safety measures such as handwashing stations and touchless faucets.
  26. UR Pride Centre for Sexuality & Gender Diversity Inc. – Recruiting peers to provide support to members of the LGTBQ2S+ community across Saskatchewan who many not feel safe accessing other resources and services related to COVID-19.
  27. Feed it Forward – Supplying equipment to allow for the distribution of food to those experiencing hunger as a result of COVID-19 in the Greater Toronto Area, particularly youth, children, and seniors.
  28. Jamaican Ottawa Community Association - Designing and delivering bi-weekly virtual forums for families from racialized, black, low-income, and new immigrant communities, to help reduce the education achievement gap and isolation experienced during COVID-19.
  29. Caribbean Women's Society - Recruiting, training and mobilizing new volunteers to deliver food and basic necessities in the Greater Toronto Area and to develop virtual social inclusion activities to Caribbean-Canadian women, girls, and seniors.
  30. Uzima Women Relief Group International - Supporting racialized seniors in Toronto experiencing increased isolation as a result of COVID-19 by safely delivering groceries and ensuring they have access to essential services such as health care and medications.
  31. Centr'Elles: Centre des femmes francophones du Nord-Ouest de l'Ontario – Purchasing protective equipment to allow for the continued operation of services to women and girls experiencing violence in Northwestern Ontario.
  32. Women of the First Light - Addressing food insecurity within First Nations communities in both Nova Scotia and New Brunswick through teaching safe food preservation techniques.
  33. The Iraqi Canadian Society of Ontario - Delivering food to families in need of assistance and offering webinars in both Arabic and English featuring health and labour law professionals in order to share information about adapting to COVID-19.
  34. Association des centres d,écoute téléphonique du Québec – Developing and providing training to newly hired volunteers in responding to calls from those experiencing mental health, addiction, or isolation concerns as a result of COVID-19.
  35. Toronto Teen Track Program – Creating a team of youth volunteers to make phone calls in multiple languages to previous participants to reduce isolation and offering delivery of free community resources through rideshare services.
  36. Partners for Humanity Foundation – Adapting service delivery to digital channels to provide access to services for vulnerable people in Edmonton, as well as activities such as literacy classes, virtual training for youth, and parental engagement sessions.
  37. Shelburne and Area Lions Club – Helping the club reopen safely so that it can continue to provide support to people living with low income, seniors, and veterans.
  38. Horn Youth Services Foundation (KULAN) - Providing community support counseling to vulnerable individuals, especially those suffering from domestic violence, as well as hosting recreational activities for children and seniors in Edmonton.
  39. Coop de solidarité Santé Saint-Hubert – Organizing activities to promote the exchange of health services between generations with participation from volunteers and healthcare professionals.
  40. Casa C.A.F.I. (Centre d'Aide aux Familles Immigrantes) – Preparing and delivering packed lunches to families in the Montréal area living in poverty who cannot safely leave their homes because of COVID-19.
  41. CrueTV Digital Media Network – Allowing low income youth in Toronto to receive online training by providing free access to virtual workspaces and creative digital software.
  42. Stitch It Forward Society of Lethbridge – Engaging new and current volunteers in sewing, knitting, and crocheting protective items such as masks and distributing them to local organizations.
  43. Valley African Nova Scotian Development Association – Providing additional educational support to racialized students to ensure their continued success during COVID-19 by offering workshops with community leaders and visiting heritage sites.
  44. Dignidad Migrante Society – Responding to the needs of temporary foreign workers on farms across British Columbia who have become isolated with little access to information, food, and recreational activities.
  45. Vancouver Island Soccer League – Adapting to comply with public health standards so that games can resume, providing physical and mental health benefits to the youth and adults who play in the league.
  46. Fondation Sylvenie Lindor &Centre Multiculturalisme Jean Marcelin Fontaine Inc – Supporting black Francophone seniors in Toronto by conducting regular check-ins, facilitating access to essential services, and providing information on emergency preparedness.
  47. Women Focus Canada Inc - Delivering webinars, social media live sessions, and WhatsApp group video chats to the Afro-Caribbean community in Toronto to elevate community awareness, disseminate information, and how to access critical services.
  48. Cheticamp Kinsmen Club - Providing nutritious meals to vulnerable seniors and disadvantaged individuals, replacing a community program that was cancelled because of COVID-19.
  49. Aidants Scolaires : La Communauté au Service de l'Enseignement – Providing opportunities for students impacted by COVID-19 to engage in extra-curricular activities through the creation of a digital platform.
  50. Jeffery Ikeaka Foundation – Adapting programming to ensure safety during COVID-19 as well as distributing food, clothing, and hygiene items to individuals experiencing homelessness in Toronto.
  51. Northern Shuswap Tribal Council Society – Hiring additional staff members to conduct outreach into First Nations communities in order to assess their needs, advocate on their behalf, and to apply for government services.
  52. HSDN International – Mobilizing volunteers to provide food and protective equipment to vulnerable youth, international students and seniors and to deliver virtual workshops to vulnerable families in Toronto.
  53. Family Advancement Association – Providing culturally-sensitive and community-based COVID-19 information for black individuals in Edmonton and distributing tablets so that the most marginalized will have access to these online materials.
  54. Foundation for Oromian Culture, Education and Art Services – Supporting vulnerable people in Alberta by delivering food to seniors and newcomers, providing COVID-19 information through virtual platforms, and offering virtual classes to children and youth.
  55. My Artist's Corner Society, BC – Adapting delivery of a peer mental health and art program to combat the increased isolation resulting from COVID-19.
  56. Groupe de support émotionnel inc. – Helping to ensure that those who suffer from mental illness have access to social inclusion and wellness activities.
  57. Care for Refugees – Responding to the health, social and wellbeing needs of newcomers in Dartmouth during COVID-19, by supporting access to food, information in other languages, and transportation when needed.
  58. Groupe d'entraide Allaitement Sein-Pathique – Delivering webinars to young mothers with low income or within minority language groups who are expecting a child in order to provide information about maternal and child health during COVID-19.
  59. Battlefords Immigration Resource Centre Inc. – Continuing to provide services to clients in Saskatchewan who are newcomers to Canada and are further isolated and vulnerable as a result of COVID-19.
  60. Conseil de la Gaspésie pour l'alphabétisme – Designing online training for volunteers and community members who have low literacy in how to use technology and online platforms to continue to participate in literacy programming, stay socially connected, and keep informed.
  61. Maison des Jeunes Niwitcewakan-wapi – Increasing the awareness of available services, health and protection measures, as well as other potential risks linked to the pandemic for members of the Atikamekw community.
  62. Bilal Community and Family Centre – Adapting existing education and recreation programs to online delivery to provide personal development activities for children and adults in Winnipeg.
  63. Bridge River Valley Community Association – Providing outreach to vulnerable community members who are experiencing increased isolation as a result of COVID-19, including wellness checks, sharing information, and bringing supplies.
  64. The Upper Skeena Community Learning Society – Expanding support to Indigenous community gardens, ensuring the preservation and delivery of food, prioritizing Elders and families with young children.
  65. Battlefords Family Health Centre – Modifying the activities delivered through the community gardening project by allowing for social distancing and hygiene practices to ensure access to social inclusion and recreational activities through gardening.
  66. Yukon Tourism Education Council – Holding a summer camp that is safe and free for children and youth from low-income or multiple households of immigrant families that have been affected by the current COVID-19 pandemic.
  67. African Canadian Development and Prevention Network – Ensuring the livelihood and wellness of black families living in poverty and seniors during COVID-19 through delivery of food and other services, as well as regular check-ins.
  68. La Communauté Camerounaise du Canada-Région de la Capitale Nationale – Supporting members of the Cameroonian community by training volunteers to assist in raising awareness, providing mental health and wellbeing support, as well as logistical aid for seniors and families.
  69. The Vic Johnston Community Centre Inc. – Making changes to the community centre space to meet the public health requirements of COVID-19 so that the large number of community members who use the space can access it once again.
  70. MonstrARTity Creative Community – Adjusting the cultural arts programming to online delivery in order to reduce the isolation of South Asian seniors in Mississauga.
  71. Nigerian Canadians for Cultural, Educational and Economic Progress – Distributing essential goods to members of the black community in Windsor as well as loaning iPads to community members in order for them to stay connected and informed during the pandemic.
  72. PRISE Inc. – Allowing employees to continue their work on social and professional integration for young people through the provision of personal protective equipment.
  73. Violence Prevention Avalon East Ltd – Transitioning pre-existing violence prevention programming to an online platform and making these resources accessible through translating documents to Indigenous languages and accompanying webinars with sign language interpreters.
  74. Fédération des étudiantes et étudiants du Campus universitaire de Moncton – Enabling access to food and essential items for students who currently have no income and are not eligible for emergency funds from other sources.
  75. Waterloo Minor Soccer Club – Delivering soccer coaching and activities to youth and children safely by securing personal protective equipment to ensure that coaches, volunteers, participants and spectators are protected during soccer activities.
  76. Seine River Services for Seniors Inc. – Covering the costs of materials (masks, disinfectants, gloves) to protect volunteers, possible visitors and the seniors they are supporting through transportation and deliveries of essential items.
  77. Service d'Évaluation Spécialisée du Nord-Ouest – Adapting existing counselling services to support remote sessions in order to minimize the impact of COVID-19 on mental health and wellness.
  78. Le pavois de loretteville – Modifying resources and equipment to ensure that there is continued access for individuals and families to access mental health support.
  79. V Serve Canada – Designing virtual workshops for volunteers, front-line workers, and families on mental wellness and coping strategies post COVID-19.
  80. Maple Panda – Providing social inclusion activities through virtual table tennis workshops to enhance the wellbeing and engagement of vulnerable Chinese Canadians impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and experiencing discrimination.
  81. Rahma Community and Youth Centre Inc. – Delivering educational and mentorship activities to newcomer children and youth who recently arrived in Winnipeg and are experiencing challenges due to COVID-19.
  82. Workers' Action Centre – Giving legal information, referral and support to low wage and precariously employed workers in the Somali, Punjabi, Tamil and Chinese communities and developing a digital media literacy program to workers in their first language.
  83. North Park Neighbourhood Association – Leveraging the park space to support community residents by hosting recreation activities, setting up public seating for local business patrons, and distributing food hampers through a low/no cost farmer's market.
  84. Alberta Elder Abuse Awareness Council – Developing online resources for those at risk of, or experiencing, elder abuse as well as family members and caregivers who wish to be better informed about elder abuse.
  85. Squamish Men's Shed Society – Adapting the organization's space to meet COVID-19 requirements so that they are able to hosts opportunities for senior men to be social, access mental and physical health information, and opportunities to give back to the community.
  86. Flat Bay Band Inc. – Responding to increased community needs in relation to COVID-19 by hiring a coordinator to tailor programs for virtual delivery as well as to coordinate the provision of programming and direct aid to the community.
  87. East End Arts Toronto – Working with seniors in need to keep spirits up during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing weekly food hampers, arts and supplies, weekly phone check-ins and weekly creative prompts.
  88. Stabilization Support Services – Acquiring food and hygiene supplies to be delivered to families in need due to COVID-19, especially people with low income, newcomers, children, youth, and racialized people.
  89. Towunmi Coker Literary Initiative Foundation – Training volunteers to reach out to newcomers, youth and low-income earners in the Edmonton area who are experiencing challenges due to COVID-19 and promoting inclusion through webinars.
  90. La Clé d'la Baie en Huronie - Association culturelle francophone – Offering a food delivery service to seniors and vulnerable families struggling to take care of their specific dietary needs during the pandemic.
  91. Alison Neighbourhood Community Centre - Coordinating volunteers to translate public health information for the Arabic speaking community they serve and adapting its space in anticipation of reopening to the public by implementing public safety and sanitation practices.
  92. Asees Foundation – Delivering sessions on physical fitness and mental wellbeing to youth who are struggling due to COVID-19 in order to equip youth with the tools, education and resources to adapt to the ‘new normal’.
  93. Nisga'a Ts'amiks Vancouver Society – Increasing food security by supporting the provision of food to Indigenous Nisga'a Nation members living in remote areas of Nisga'a Lands.
  94. Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation – Training counselors to work on the newly established TeleCounseling platform to assist people struggling with addiction across Canada through various channels such as texting, chatting, audio and video calls.
  95. Blackburn Community Association – Gathering ideas from families through phone calls and an online survey to define and implement new recreational programs, as well as to increase the capacity of the organization to respond to the needs of seniors and Elders.
  96. Windsor Centre for Film, Digital Media & the Creative Arts – Hiring and training youth to offer free daily online arts programming and classic board game challenges, as well as facilitating access for homebound seniors, and youth who are low-income or have a disability.
  97. The Corner Brook Arts Centre Ltd – Modifying the organization’s community arts space to adapt to public health guidelines when the space reopens, so that artists, particularly those in the LGBTQ2S+ community and students have, continued access.
  98. Club Joie de vivre – Ensuring that the centre is able to meet COVID-19 safety requirements needed to reopen and allow for continued support on inclusion and community integration for people with intellectual disabilities and those living with autism.
  99. Canadian Multicultural Heritage Council – Delivering virtual experiential-learning opportunities to members of vulnerable groups using the art of stop-motion animation filmmaking as an outlet for self-expression.
  100. Le Jardin des Petits Association – Preparing to reopen the centre for vulnerable youth and students by implementing preventive and sanitary measures for staff and service beneficiaries.
  101. HRDA Enterprises Ltd – Preparing and delivering healthy choice frozen meals and food baskets to vulnerable people, particularly to families living in poverty, those experiencing homelessness, children and youth, newcomers, and seniors not in care.
  102. événements Prima Danse – Using art to reduce social isolation, raise awareness, and provide information about COVID-19 to vulnerable people.
  103. Groupe Promo-Santé Laval – Opening a day camp that will provide a safe and fun environment for children to play and grow, while supporting the work-life balance of parents during COVID-19.
  104. St-Michael's Mission – Extending hours of operation to offer increased access to a place to eat and a cool environment, as well as distributing additional emergency food bags, clothing, and hygiene items to vulnerable people.
  105. FOCUS Media Arts Centre – Engaging a team of volunteers and summer job students to serve as a team of print, broadcast, and radio journalists with the aim of developing information and promoting stories related to COVID-10 to ensure the wellbeing and safety of residents.
  106. Supporting Team Excellence with Patients Society – Assisting patients navigate systems related to food security and economic stability with a focus on those diagnosed with anxiety or depression.
  107. Reach Community Support Society – Recruiting additional volunteers and providing further training to ensure that their outreach program can continue providing support to vulnerable people in need of food and social connection.
  108. Groupe de ressources techniques en habitation de la région de Sorel – Supporting households of vulnerable people living in community housing by providing information, access to essential services, and personal protective equipment.
  109. Relais des Jeunes Gatinois – Organizing a day camp for young people and those with disabilities who are living with increased isolation due to COVID-19.
  110. Carrefour communautaire l'Arc-en-Ciel – Offering a meal delivery service to seniors in rural areas to ensure that they are able to access nutritious and varied meals and to reduce isolation.
  111. Canada International Dance Culture Association – Providing dancing sessions and training to vulnerable children, youth and young adults by adapting service delivery to online through the Zoom platform.
  112. Association communautaire francophone de Saint-Jean Inc. – Reaching out to the local Francophone community in order to overcome isolation, support them through service provision.
  113. Coopérative de solidarité Wenicec – Offering social inclusion activities and counselling services to vulnerable people affected by the pandemic to relieve stress and promote self-expression.
  114. Boys & Girls Club of Yorkton, Inc. – Supporting children, youth and families with at-home activities and wellness kits in response to pandemic related closures, as well as distributing food hampers.
  115. South Asian Women's Rights Organization Inc. – Creating a multigenerational online program to promote leadership for South Asian women of all ages, in support of the overall goal of advocating for newcomers and vulnerable workers in the community.
  116. Cumulus: Prévention des toxicomanies – Responding to an immediate need for individual and collective wellbeing by ensuring that drug prevention services are maintained in local areas.
  117. Carrefour jeunesse-emploi de la MRC Deux-Montagnes – Acquiring the necessary protective equipment required to reopen during COVID-19 so that they can continue to provide service to vulnerable young people.
  118. Centre Mgr Marcoux – Making healthy food at affordable prices accessible to vulnerable people who are in need as a result of COVID-19.
  119. Moisson Haut-Saint-François – Offering a food delivery service to those in need of food aid, particularly people with low incomes or living with poverty, people experiencing homelessness, and the elderly.
  120. Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Developing a series of twice-monthly online webinars and a weekly newsletter on COVID-19 issues for the Ukrainian community and member organizations.
  121. Baker Lake Prenatal Nutrition Project – Providing COVID-19 information, hygiene supplies, food hampers and nutritious recipe kits and ingredients to make the recipes at home for pre-natal and post-natal women in the remote Inuit community of Baker Lake, Nunavut.
  122. The Deen Strong Foundation – Creating an accessible digital platform that connects clients with mental health or mentoring service providers to address the social, cultural, economic, and geographic barriers to receiving mental health support.
  123. Conseil pour le développement de l'alphabétisme et des compétences des adultes du Nouveau-Brunswick – Adapting training to meet the needs of vulnerable seniors by offering workshops on computer skill development.
  124. «La Perle Retrouvée» Haïti-Canada – Modifying existing service delivery and providing a safe environment in order to continue to promote social inclusion and access to essential services for seniors and newcomers.
  125. Regroupement des aînés de la Nouvelle-Écosse – Maintaining contact with Francophone seniors in rural areas of Nova Scotia by reaching out to them over the phone and through local radio to decrease isolation and inform them of available support.
  126. La Maison Le Réveil – Developing a degree of autonomy for seniors through the provision of access to online training, as well as recreational and social activities.
  127. Fort McKay Women's Association – Adjusting summer camp and after school programming for Indigenous children and youth to ensure physical distancing, while focusing on activities that promote social wellbeing, positive mental health and inclusion.
  128. Contact'L de Varennes – Incorporating COVID-109 public safety requirements into activities to ensure that they are still able to provide service to women living in precarious conditions, experiencing violence, or are socially isolated.
  129. Jaku Konbit - Increasing opportunities for seniors and their families to participate in community events and programs addressing the issues of loneliness, isolation and fear resulting from social distancing.
  130. Académie du cinéma – Providing young people with the access to creative activities through cinematography, including the opportunity to learn from professional videographers.
  131. Power to Girls Foundation – Supporting black and marginalized girls and their families by delivering virtual programming that covers art, mental health, personal development, and entrepreneurship.
  132. Shuswap Immigrant Services Society – Adapting the organization's English as a second language (ESL) classes to an online format as well as the classroom setting to meet public health guidelines when gradually reopening.
  133. The Multicultural Association of Kenora and District – Continuing to keep volunteers, clients, and staff safe while providing settlement services to vulnerable clientele during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  134. Colchester Transportation Cooperative Ltd – Taking COVID-19 safety measures, such as the installation of screens in vehicles to ensure the organization can continue to deliver affordable transportation services.
  135. Fédération québécoise d'ultimate – Changing the way activities are conducted and obtaining protective equipment in order to allow young people to have continued access to sports during the pandemic.
  136. Coopérative Enseignants Pas À Pas – Mobilizing French-speaking volunteers from diverse communities to provide educational opportunities to children and young people from French-speaking immigrant families in need of support.
  137. FADOQ Région Laval – Lending tablets to elderly people living in community housing or are living with poverty so that they can connect with their families virtually.
  138. Shelburne County Mental Health & Wellness Association – Training existing volunteers on new technology to provide short-term emotional support for vulnerable populations in non-crisis situations in Nova Scotia.
  139. Centre d'action bénévole de la MRC Manicouagan – Recruiting volunteers to support seniors and caregivers who are isolated due to the COVID-19 pandemic by providing deliveries, transportation, and access to a support line.
  140. La maison de NaNa Labrecque – Offering increased support for online support services and referrals to other organizations to vulnerable people experiencing mental health issues.
  141. Lao Canadian Seniors Club of Edmonton & Surrounding Districts – Distributing food supplies and assisting Laos seniors in attending their medical appointments who are facing barriers due to the pandemic.
  142. Project Autism Canada – Engaging people with disabilities and caregivers, who are further isolated during COVID-19, by adapting program delivery to include online settings to provide social, emotional, physical, educational and community support.
  143. Canadian Caregiver Network – Providing online skills courses to Canadians interested in supporting their mental health through mindfulness-based stress reduction practices.
  144. Durham Integrated Growers for a Sustainable Community – Expanding operations of community gardens for local food production in order to address food insecurity in the Durham region.
  145. Southern Gulf Islands Community Resource Centre Society – Training new volunteers to meet the needs of current and new vulnerable beneficiaries by increasing safe home visits, offering grocery and food assistance, garden matching and operating a helpline.
  146. La Manne Rouge, je récolte! – Ensuring the wellbeing of vulnerable people by coordinating the delivery of food to seniors and those living in poverty.
  147. Intégration Travail Roussillon – Modifying the centre and providing protective equipment to ensure that service can continue to be delivered to people with low income, newcomers, and those with intellectual disabilities.
  148. Organization of Canadian Tamils with Disabilities – Redesigning existing program to deliver online support and to establish a hotline for members of the Tamil community to aid in their mental health.
  149. Tibetan Women’s Association of Ontario – Making and distributing handmade masks, implementing virtual wellness classes, and engaging youth in fun activities for members of the Tibetan community.
  150. Africa Live Canada – Distributing packages of food and essential supplies tovulnerable families in the Ottawa region who are struggling with food security and isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  151. Somali Immigrant Aid Organization – Establishing a digital literacy lab to support, train and deliver immediate online settlement services for newcomers in Ontario.
  152. Regroupement Ethnoculturel des Parents Francophones de l’Ontario (REPFO) – Recruiting a family therapist to strengthen the intervention team at REPFO while designing and delivering a series of culturally appropriate webinars to reach families with COVID-19 information.
  153. Truly Alive Youth and Family Foundation Inc - Delivering online training and information sessions to families in Saskatoon and increasing digital literacy for newcomers to Canada through computer labs.
  154. Shiloh Centre For Multicultural Roots – Mobilizing trained African American/Canadians in Alberta to ensure the basic needs, as well as school and recreational needs of struggling visible minorities are being met during COVID-19. The project will also focus on ensuring a connection to family for those who are experiencing hardship due to the pandemic.
  155. Carrefour des Femmes et Familles – Offering several virtual meetings to Congolese seniors who are experiencing increased isolation due to COVID-19. Information and access to resources will be provided, with material being translated into the local language.
  156. Positive Community Development – Building community within vulnerable Toronto neighbourhoods, with a focus on those who are experiencing food security challenges during COVID-19. Delivering food hampers and connecting identified recipients with the appropriate community resources.
  157. SOSO World Ministries – Distributing food to low income families and those living in public housing in Toronto. Donations of food will be supplemented with culturally appropriate meat to distribute to families.
  158. Pukhtoon Cultural and Nationalist Council – Delivering meals and groceries to identified families in Calgary. Trained volunteers will also ensure families have access to medication and other basic necessities, and transportation will be provided to those in need.
  159. Immigrants Healthcare Support Network – Training volunteers to provide mental health counseling and wellbeing workshops to vulnerable refugees and newcomers in the greater Toronto area. Food, protective equipment and transportation will also be provided with a focus on those living in shelters.
  160. Solid State Community Society – Training youth in cooking and food preparation to provide halal meals for racialized migrant youth and their families, ensuring COVID-19-related health and safety protocols are followed.
  161. Capital Rainbow Refuge – Providing online English As A Second Language classes to LBGTQ2S+ newcomers in the Ottawa area. iPads will be loaned to students to ensure they can complete their lessons which were interrupted due to COVID-19. Food vouchers and personal protective equipment will also be provided for workers.
  162. The Guitar Society of Brantford - Creating an inclusive online platform to host a virtual classroom for guitar lessons, concerts, and online educational programming, primarily for children and youth.
  163. Les volontaires de la sensibilisation et de l'action humanitaire – Distributing food to vulnerable populations impacted by COVID-19, while raising awareness about the virus.
  164. Parkdale Intercultural Association – Reaching out to newcomers and immigrant seniors and their families in Toronto to support the delivery of basic hygiene kits, grocery cards, and weekly communication. The seniors will also receive printed resources on service benefits and health guidelines translated into several languages.
  165. Great Lakes Networking Society of BC – Providing culturally appropriate food to community members in the greater Vancouver area, and webinars for African diaspora.
  166. Indo-Canadian Seniors Foundation of Quebec – Recruiting and mobilizing volunteers to reach out to Indo-Canadian seniors in the greater Montreal area who are experiencing increased isolation as a result of COVID-19. The project will provide online training, webinars and information sessions, as well as the delivery of food, medications and personal protective equipment.
  167. Rhema Educational Development Corporation – Providing online tutoring to elementary school students in the greater Toronto area.
  168. Rainbow Refugee Association of Nova Scotia – Providing additional supports such as food and educational support to LGTBQ2S+ refugees and families in Nova Scotia.
  169. ÉquiTravail – Offering job search support to clientele who are further removed from the labour market.
  170. Trenton Memorial Lodge - Delivering mental wellbeing services to vulnerable people living in the senior residential building.
  171. Centre Communautaire de Roxboro – Realigning service delivery during COVID-19 to provide both virtual and outdoor tai chi, chi kung, kung fu, and online day camps at the community centre.
  172. People First of Newfoundland and Labrador Incorporated – Offering wellness sessions to people in Newfoundland and Labrador who have been identified as having an intellectually disability.
  173. Organization for Community Action Initiatives – Providing food hampers to vulnerable people, including low-income isolated families and pregnant women who are highly impacted by the pandemic.
  174. Edmonton Ski Club – Providing new summer activities for children and their families to address the lack of recreational activities in the Edmonton area due to COVID-19. Preparations will also be made for the next ski season, such as implementing a contactless ticket booth.
  175. Sanctuary Students Solidarity & Support Collective – Designing and delivering webinars for migrant communities on how to overcome existing barriers and access essential community services during COVID-19.
  176. African Women Empowerment Society – Distributing food hampers to underserved families in Surrey, British Columbia, while maintaining an online presence to serve the target population.
  177. Fengcai Arts Association – Recruiting and training volunteers to support vulnerable seniors in the greater Toronto area by offering direct aid and hygiene products, virtual social inclusion activities, and access to essential information related to COVID-19.
  178. SaltWater Community Association – Providing food hampers to vulnerable people who live in a remote part of Newfoundland and Labrador.
  179. Waterloo Region Chinese Canadian Association – Delivering community-based support to vulnerable people in the Waterloo region who are affected by the health and economic consequences of COVID-19 and are experiencing physical and social isolation.
  180. Eritrean Community Network – Providing healthcare packages and culturally specific information about COVID-19 to Eritrean youth, seniors and newcomers in Toronto.
  181. Télévision Communautaire Frontenac – Delivering essential COVID-19-related information to people in Montreal, such as employment and training opportunities, food bank services, and assistance that is available.
  182. Innovate Inclusion – Designing and delivering a series of mental health webinars and connecting Black entrepreneurs with a culturally appropriate Black psychologist to help develop coping mechanisms during COVID-19.
  183. Caregiver Connections, Education and Support Organization – Providing online mental health training and socialization opportunities to live-in mental health caregivers in Ontario.
  184. The Saint John Multicultural and Newcomers Resource Centre – Adapting service delivery and programming to meet the settlement needs of newcomers in Saint John, New Brunswick during COVID-19.
  185. Krish Hope Rehabilitation Service – Providing expert-led online information sessions for those caring for people living with disabilities in the Peel region of Ontario.
  186. Pursuit Projects Society – Delivering groceries to vulnerable people in the greater Vancouver area while supporting the development of youth through leadership training.
  187. Victoria Community Health Co-Operative – Adapting well-being information sessions to an online format, as well as adding "check-in" phone calls to assess the needs of the Victoria community during COVID-19.  
  188. Association des parents-étudiants de l'Université Laval – Adapting the existing service delivery and support program, while recruiting volunteers to reach out to single parents in difficult family situations.
  189. SOFIFRAN (Solidarité des femmes et familles interconnectées francophones du Niagara) – Distributing weekly food baskets to Black and Arab racialized families in Niagara, Ontario, and seniors living in increased isolation due to COVID-19.
  190. Athabasca Native Friendship Centre Society – Providing digital service delivery of ongoing social inclusion and learning programming, primarily for vulnerable Indigenous people in Athabasca, Alberta.
  191. Sable River Community Hall – Providing health awareness and care packages to vulnerable families in the rural and remote areas of Sable River, Nova Scotia.
  192. Action positive VIH-Sida – Providing additional support to people in Ontario who are HIV-positive or at increased risk of infection through the distribution of food and grocery store gift cards.
  193. The Health Association of African Canadians – Connecting Black Canadians in Nova Scotia with psychologists, counselors, and trained clergy members to provide culturally sensitive remote mental health and grief support.
  194. Le Journal de la Rue – Providing psychosocial services as well as art therapy workshops to meet the growing demand for support due to COVID-19.
  195. M-Bridge Culture Integration Society for Professionals – Designing and delivering employment training workshops and webinars for vulnerable people, including immigrants and refugees.
  196. Le Re-Lait Montmagny L'Islet – Purchase and loan out hospital-grade breast pumps to breastfeeding mothers, as well as acquire protection and disinfection equipment to ensure safe premises for the delivery of services.
  197. Les Cercles de Fermières du Québec – Produce online training to reduce isolation for female members of the organization across Quebec.
  198. Fugug Heritage and Relief Association Corporation – Supporting new members of the Fugug Oromo community in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with education for students, and transportation and groceries for single mothers and seniors.
  199. LaSalle Hangout for Youth – Distributing basic food necessities to vulnerable families in the LaSalle area of Ontario, while also providing group youth counseling.
  200. Mouvement Ontarien des femmes immigrantes francophones – Establishing virtual support groups for immigrant women on nutrition, mental and physical health, natural management of hypertension and stress management.
  201. Bengali Information and Employment Services – Raising awareness of COVID-19 among vulnerable people in the greater Toronto area who experience language barriers. This will be accomplished through telephone, ethnic print media, social media etc.  
  202. Lake Trail Community Education Society - Providing arts and outdoor programming, as well as a healthy meal, to students in British Columbia.
  203. Equality Project Society – Adapting existing client-serving spaces to ensure continuation of support to vulnerable people in Cache Creek, British Columbia, focusing primarily on low-income earners or those living in poverty.
  204. Kannada Sangha Toronto – Offering social inclusion activities, awareness webinars and direct aid to vulnerable persons suffering from isolation due to the pandemic.
  205. Hungarian Canadian Club of Waterloo-Wellington – Increasing their virtual presence to support the delivery of existing online services to members of the Hungarian-Canadian community living in Waterloo-Wellington, Ontario.
  206. Liberian Association of Canada – Mobilizing volunteers to reach out to vulnerable Black people who are experiencing language barriers in Montreal, and to support food security needs.
  207. St. Barbe Development Association - Designing and delivering programs and activities for children and youth across several communities, and delivering hygiene and food packages for families in need.
  208. Brain Beat Dance Canada Seniors Association – Ensuring services and programming are adapted to, and supportive of all vulnerable groups by moving to a virtual format.
  209. Club de l'âge d'or espoir de nos jours de Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci – Acquiring protective equipment and professional services to ensure a healthy environment for the provision of recreational services to the elderly.  
  210. First Technology Association – Engaging youth in a modified and adapted COVID-19 virtual / partial hands-on robotics program where youth of all backgrounds will learn the basics of STEM and apply their skills in an inclusive competition while building habits of learning, confidence, and teamworking skills.
  211. Canadian Refugee Initiative – Shifting existing services for vulnerable people including refugees and newcomers, online. Services include language classes, technology bootcamp, coding classes, employment workshops, consultation sessions and skills workshops.
  212. Retraite en Action – Providing online social inclusion and recreational activities to vulnerable seniors, women and girls in Ottawa.
  213. Athabasca Health Authority – Supplying personal protective equipment to Athabasca Health Authority front-line health workers and clients in the northern region of Saskatchewan.
  214. Living Space North Against Poverty – Providing sustainable support through outreach activities to assist people experiencing homelessness.
  215. Royal Academy of Bhangra Society – Creating and broadcasting webinars to raise awareness of COVID-19 among the South Asian population in the Surrey area of British Columbia.
  216. Ontario Sailing Association - Training of staff to adapt and realign programs and services to a COVID-19 reality, primarily in support of children and youth.
  217. NunaKatiget Inuit Community Corporation – Providing additional food items and supports such as outreach to Inuit elders and Inuit people living with disabilities.
  218. Northern Adapted Sports Association – Delivering services to ensure people living with disabilities in British Columbia can remain physically active, healthy, and socially included.
  219. Comité d'animation du troisième âge de Laval – Engaging new volunteers to support seniors in remaining connected via virtual social networks.
  220. Univers des mots - Purchasing and providing training in a video conferencing system to respond to client needs through virtual literacy workshops and enabling increased independence through reading, writing, numeracy and computers for participants.
  221. Soap for Hope Canada – Providing essential hygiene supplies and linens to vulnerable Indigenous communities across British Columbia.
  222. Réseaux Emploi Entrepreneurship – Providing an interactive art and music program to isolated seniors, using internet-enabled video conferencing devices.
  223. Société de développement et d'animation de Mascouche – Adapting the delivery of existing services and programs as a result of COVID-19 to ensure continued access for clients.
  224. Logements de l'Outaouais - Implementing safety and hygiene measures to help ensure the health and safety of residents. This includes the hiring of security guards, delivering meals, disinfecting common areas and purchasing protective equipment.
  225. Canadian Council of Muslim Women, Montreal chapter – Preparing and delivering food baskets to vulnerable people in the Montreal area who are facing food security concerns due to COVID-19.
  226. Oakville Chinese Network Society – Increasing social inclusion for the Chinese community in Halton, Ontario through the loaning of tablets so people can participate in virtual workshops. Hygiene products will also be delivered, along with tutoring for children.
  227. Fiddlehead Care Farm – Continuing to provide a nature-based therapeutic program for children and families who are directly affected by COVID-19 in Mono, Ontario while ensuring appropriate health and safety guidelines are followed.
  228. HealingAsOne – Addressing food security challenges for vulnerable people in the Regent Park neighbourhood of Toronto, Ontario by delivering food boxes and hot meals to identified families.
  229. Heritage Skills Development Centre – Providing support and mentorship to vulnerable people in Scarborough, Ontario through phone and virtual engagement, online computer training, navigation to community resources, as well as in-person emergency support.
  230. Community Food Resource Network – Providing protein and fruit and vegetable hampers to people living with disabilities, as well as other vulnerable sectors, in Caledonia, Nova Scotia.
  231. Windsor Overdose Prevention Society – Launching a new outreach program to deliver harm reduction and hygiene supplies, overdose response training, peer support, and meals to clients.
  232. Willow Creek Community Adult Learning Society – Developing and delivering blended workshops and webinars to families who have limited access to computers, mobile devices, or the internet, enabling them to obtain online support and critical services.
  233. Les Habitations Paul-Pratt – Providing community support services in housing to members/tenants and volunteers of various committees in Longueuil, Quebec, with a focus on vulnerable and isolated seniors, caregivers, and low-income earners.
  234. UrbaNature Education – Creating a virtual walk called “Exploring the Falaise of St-Jacques” to support the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of all, but with a particular focus on children and seniors.
  235. Ghanaian Canadian Association of Ontario – Delivering virtual tutoring, youth counseling, and health education programs to help reduce social isolation among youth and seniors. Food and personal protective equipment will also be delivered to families most in need.
  236. Age Friendly Outreach & Resource Network Moose Jaw – Providing access to support lines and social inclusion and recreational activities for vulnerable seniors, especially those living in remote, rural areas of Saskatchewan.
  237. Dynamic Basketball Development Academy - Virtually engaging with youth and racialized Canadians while providing them with learning engagement and social inclusion through free basketball programming.
  238. Coalition of Muslim Women of KW - Translating and distributing informed resources on topics such as domestic abuse, stress management, and parenting within the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. The project will also be presented online.
  239. Centre du Plateau – Ensuring a safe and secure day camp by providing protective equipment to participants and their caregivers.
  240. École Nour Al-Eman – Creating improved access to mental health support in the Montreal area by training volunteers to offer counseling to community members, with a focus on challenges faced by youth during the pandemic.
  241. West Scarborough Community Legal Services – Providing public legal education and outreach about government benefits, programs, policies etc., as a result of COVID-19.
  242. Entente pour la Solidarité, l'Entre aide et l'Amitié Rive Sud – Adapting and reorganizing the delivery of existing programs, such as the summer day camp, to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 for employees, volunteers and participants.
  243. Oromian Canadian Association of BC – Recruiting, training and mobilizing volunteers to reach seniors and newcomer families in the Vancouver Metropolitan area with COVID-19 information through virtual seminars.
  244. Sinai Foundation Canada – Recruiting and mobilizing volunteers to support seniors with grocery purchases and delivery in the Peel region of Ontario, with a specific emphasis on Mississauga.
  245. Club de plongeon Gatineau – Providing cleaning materials and additional training to ensure the cleaning process in facilities used by the organization meets public health COVID-19 guidelines, thus allowing ongoing access to recreational activities for children and youth.
  246. Carrefour Relance – Providing mental health support through workshops, support sessions and telephone meetings to clients in the Montreal area of Quebec.
  247. Jeunes Pour Leadership & Développement – Increasing COVID-19 awareness among Black racialized Francophone families through webinars and the distribution of personal protective equipment to families in need.
  248. Portail de l'Immigrant Association de Calgary – Offering wellness activities to vulnerable people to support strong mental and physical health, while designing and distributing community resources related to safe behaviours.
  249. Free Play for Kids – Streaming a live, daily talk show on Facebook with each episode including a skills building component, a fun activity, and emotional and mental wellbeing messages. The content is specifically targeted to children and youth facing social barriers.
  250. Greater Toronto Community Engagement and Family Support Centre – Providing online baking and cake decoration training, nutritional lunchbox preparation, and information workshops on schools re-opening to women and children of cultural minorities in the greater Toronto area.
  251. Centre communautaire Francophone Windsor Essex Kent – Improving access to support services for Francophone minority communities through the referral of a navigator to address issues related to food security, mental health, etc.
  252. Association Horizon Rosemère – Adapting the delivery of existing services and programs to include an online component to promote better physical and mental health among senior members.  
  253. African Art & Cultural Community Contributor – Distributing food baskets to vulnerable Black community members on Vancouver Island, while organizing a series of webinars on various themes including food security, financial security, community information and navigation, and mental health and wellbeing.
  254. Swar Gunjan Music Academy – Conducting language-specific online musical training and loaning out tablets for children, people living with disabilities, and seniors not in care.
  255. Aangen: A Community Service Organization – Providing peer counseling and one-on-one consultation sessions to support the mental health of members of the Families in Need program. Cleaning staff will also be trained on the new health measures related to COVID-19.
  256. Conseil des organismes francophones de la région de Durham – Addressing food security issues by delivering grocery cards to new families and vulnerable individuals in the Durham region of Ontario.
  257. J&C Maple Panda – Providing free online recreational programming such as table tennis, piano lessons and dance classes for children and youth facing social isolation.
  258. Priority Wellness – Providing information on COVID-19 prevention to seniors and caregivers in the Brampton area of Ontario through online workshops and seminars.
  259. Buffet Acces Emploi – Educating people about COVID-19 and providing masks to vulnerable individuals in Montcalm, Quebec, while distributing hygiene supplies to participants involved in a social and professional reintegration program.
  260. ARC - Aînés et retraités de la communauté – Going online through blogs, chat groups, video conferencing and online forums to provide support related to anxiety and insomnia to members of the organization in Montreal, Quebec.
  261. Trenton Ontario Branch 110 Legion Village Non-Profit Housing Corporation – Providing care packages, which include hygiene supplies and mobile tablets, to support the mental health of seniors living in a housing complex.
  262. Ciranda Brasileira Community Association – Providing a regular online platform for children to interact with one another and to learn about Brazilian culture.
  263. Loisirs St-Damien – Adapting day camps to allow for the continuation of programming during COVID-19, while also designing subsidies for children from low-income families.
  264. FASD Okanagan Valley Assessment and Support Society – Providing two meals a week during support groups for adults with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.
  265. Tandem emploi – Adapting the centre to ensure it can continue to serve vulnerable people and those looking for work in the Quebec City area, Quebec. 
  266. Cuisine Sante des Canadiens – Offering emergency healthy meals to vulnerable Francophone and immigrant populations.
  267. Centre Femmes de Portneuf – Conducting virtual painting workshops for women in the Portneuf area of Quebec to address issues related to insecurity and isolation.
  268. Stree Canada – Developing culturally sensitive training tools on mental wellbeing in the Gujarati language for seniors, women and youth in the greater Toronto area. Effective parenting strategies on how to cope during COVID-19 will also be addressed.
  269. Side By Side Family Centre – Designing and delivering webinars to address social isolation and other matters related to COVID-19 to Black and racialized youth.
  270. FADOQ - Région Lanaudière - Re-establishing recreational and sports activities for seniors in the Lanaudière region of Quebec.
  271. Caribbean-Canadian Parents United – Recruiting, training and mobilizing volunteers to design and deliver a crisis text line and a virtual inter-generational mentorship program for youth and seniors.
  272. CANVAS Arts Action Programs – Training LGTBQ2S+ facilitators in digital programming while engaging vulnerable youth to co-design digital programming related to healthy relationships, to be shared with youth across Toronto and the Peel region of Ontario.
  273. Centre d'intégration professionnelle de Lanaudière – Adapting remote service delivery by providing the necessary equipment to support vulnerable women in Lanaudière, Quebec. 
  274. Regroupement Lavallois des Chambres et Pensions pour Personnes Âgées – Supporting the wellbeing of seniors living in residences in Laval, Quebec through videoconferencing with family and friends; providing emotional support through a robotic companion (dog or cat); and financially supporting respite needs.
  275. Bureau Associatif pour la Diversité et la Réinsertion – Recruiting staff and mobilizing volunteers to support emergency food relief efforts, while providing a parent respite camp to support mental health and family wellness.
  276. ASSOCIATION DES INFIRMIÈRES ET INFIRMIERS D'URGENCE DU QUÉBEC – Providing distance training on triage techniques to emergency nurses from Quebec.
  277. Fit Pets Dog Sports Association – Reducing social isolation among seniors by offering online dog training classes.
  278. Arthrite Rive-Sud – Establishing a bilingual virtual platform allowing arthritis patients to have an adapted remote access to support and training services.
  279. Youth Leadership Society of BC – Providing access to food supplies to vulnerable families across the Fraser Valley, British Columbia.
  280. The Rotary Club of North Delta – Providing additional food to supplement weekly lunches to children and youth of newcomer families in elementary schools in North Delta, British Columbia.
  281. Rwandan Canadian Healing Centre – Developing a digital resource platform to facilitate easy access to COVID-19 resources for continental African Canadian communities.
  282. BizKids Practical Education Association – Providing a safe, interactive online environment for children to engage with educational programming, with a focus on building real world skills.
  283. The Sierra Leone Association of Alberta – Distributing food to members of the Sierra Leone diaspora community in Alberta, focusing on single parent households and those living with disabilities.  
  284. Accès Santé Mentale Cible Travail – Reducing social isolation by introducing people to the use of computerized devices to enable them to acquire the necessary skills to communicate with their entourage.
  285. Scarborough Food Security Initiative – Ensuring access to hot meals, using trainees to prepare them. Youth, new immigrants, refugees and Indigenous youth in Scarborough Ontario will be trained in hospitality, culinary, and customer service to support their employment opportunities.  
  286. The HopeWorks Connection – Adapting performing arts programming into an online format to allow Black youth to connect with participants in the greater Toronto area, Halifax, and Montreal.
  287. Burin Peninsula Voice against Violence – Developing new ways of delivering public education and outreach on violence prevention, including virtual workshops, virtual and social distancing events, and direct outreach to vulnerable people.
  288. Sikh Youth Edmonton Society – Expanding the provision of food and hygiene supplies to vulnerable members of the community across Alberta.
  289. Centre canadien pour l'unité de famille – Creating "Flavours of the World" interactive online cooking classes for Francophone and racialized families in Halton and Peel regions of Ontario, while distributing hot meals to marginalized communities.
  290. Sackville 20/20 - Designing and delivering an online student tutoring and mentorship service for students and families in the Sackville area, while engaging professional educators and recruiting and training volunteer mentors.
  291. Action Emploi Haute-Yamaska – Adapting the delivery of direct services to ensure vulnerable people in Granby, Quebec have access to counseling and employment support services.
  292. Aidants Scolaires: La Cidants Scolaires: La communauté au service de l'enseignement – Adapting the delivery of volunteer services by setting up a tele-volunteer platform through which students can connect virtually to carry out extracurricular activities.
  293. Calgary Family Peer Connections - Providing weekly pop-up distribution sites in the district of Willow Creek where families, couples, and members of the community can obtain educational kits containing food supplies, hygiene products, and educational information booklets.
  294. Durham Integrated Growers for a Sustainable Community - Supporting the expanding operations of community gardens for local food production in order to address food security issues in the Durham region of Ontario.
  295. Toronto Queer Media & Arts Centre – Providing vulnerable migrant households in the Toronto area with access to food and personal protective equipment, while highlighting community voices through online workshops moderated by local migrants.
  296. We Are Young Association – Mobilizing volunteers to deliver care packages to isolated seniors and veterans in the Halifax, Nova Scotia area.