COVID-19 Emergency Support for Community Organizations Granting Program for Non-Profits

Red Cross worker with box assisting in COVID-19 response

With funding from the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund led by Employment and Social Development Canada, the Canadian Red Cross is making grants available to non-profits across Canada to support their direct service delivery to those who are most vulnerable to the health, social and economic impacts of COVID-19.

To ensure that critical resources reach across the Canadian non-profit sector, the Canadian Red Cross granting program will focus on non-profits supporting vulnerable groups so they can continue delivering critical community-based supports to vulnerable populations in Canada, and organizations addressing a pressing social inclusion or well-being need. If you are a charity working with vulnerable populations and are seeking granting information, other support may be available to you. Please see all the support being offered through the Government of Canada Emergency Community Support Fund.


What types of activities can be funded?

For the purpose of ensuring community-base supports to vulnerable populations in Canada, or addressing a pressing social inclusion or well-being need, non-profit organizations may be eligible for grants to assist in the following areas:

  • To respond to increased demand for vital goods and services as a result of COVID-19.
  • To adapt or realign existing service delivery and programming to a COVID-19 reality.
  • To deliver new vital services or programming as a result of new needs or losses arising as a result of COVID-19.
  • To recruit, engage and support volunteers to deliver services required to respond to COVID-19.
  • To support efforts to increase community awareness, information and education related to COVID-19.


Who can Apply?

To be eligible, non-profit organizations must be organized and operated exclusively for social welfare, civic improvement, pleasure, recreation, or any other purpose except profit and excludes registered charities, other qualified donees and for-profit businesses, and also must:

  • Be incorporated or established in Canada, or have a principaled registered office address in Canada;
  • Have been in operation on or before December 31, 2019;
  • Regularly dedicate at least 50% of core activities to direct service delivery;
  • Require a minimum grant of $5,000;
  • Have a governance structure with at least three people on the board or management committee, etc.;
  • Have internal accountability measure such as practices and procedures for internal controls and accountability; and
  • Conduct activities that fall into at least one of the activity areas listed above.
Preference will be given to organizations with annual revenues of $1,500,000 or less.

Eligible non-profit organizations can apply to both the Granting Program for Non-profits and the Preventing Disease Transmission Training and Equipment Program.

If your organization is a registered charity or qualified you may still be eligible for the Preventing Disease Transmission Training and Equipment Program

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*The deadline to apply is July 31, 2020

Helpful Resources

We encourage you to consult the following documents before submitting your applications. All of these documents comply with accessibility standards.


This program is made possible thanks to funding from the Government of Canada, led by Employment and Social Development Canada.

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Additional tools to support your organization in adapting to a COVID-19 reality:

We Want to Hear From You!

The Canadian Red Cross is trying to understand the additional needs of the sector. If your organization does not meet the eligibility criteria for these programs, we want to hear from you! Please fill in this short survey to express the needs of your organization.