COVID-19 resources: Self-care, working from home, and tips for parents

adult woman working on laptop with toddler playing nearby
For many, the COVID-19 pandemic means added stress, uncertainty, and adjusting to distancing. There are resources to help you and your loved ones manage physical and mental well-being.
Expected reactions to abnormal events can include physical, emotional and behavioural reactions. Discover common signs and how to address them with these useful tools for coping with crisis.

Public Health Agency of Canada guidelines state that Canadians should be staying at home to help minimize the spread of COVID-19. We’ve provided resources on adjusting to working from home in a recent blog, Working from Home: solutions to the challenges of an abrupt workspace change.
Emergencies can have an impact on children. Learn how to talk to youth and children about it to reduce their anxiety, and how to manage stress – theirs as well as yours – in our Guide to Disaster Recovery for Parents and Caregivers. The Canadian Mental Health Association also put together some tips for caring for children during the COVID-19 crisis to help minimize any anxiety they may be feeling.
Some families are facing the challenge of keeping children’s needs met during time at home; read our blog on Tips to help families cope during self-isolation due to COVID-19. We also gathered a list of primarily Canadian content, from educational links to opera live-streams and animal webcams, to keep you and your family entertained when self-isolating at home: Free resources and links to entertain while at home.
While Canadian children's writers and illustrators are sharing readings of their books online, also check out your local library for digital selections and their own online readings, like Miss Anna’s Storytime.
Spending time with your kids to prepare and make fun recipes can be a lifelong skill – plus engaging them in the creation process may help getting them to try new vegetables! Check out the Learning Partnership’s Family Cookbook for recipes and activities to do together with your children.
Take the time to explain to your children how to turn to trusted sources online. Canada’s Centre for Digital and Media Literacy put together these resources on managing family tech during the pandemic, such as identifying health misinformation, managing screen time and explaining news and media coverage to your kids.

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