Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Canadian Red Cross Support to Small Business Program?
Small businesses are important for economic growth and job creation, and are therefore critical to the recovery of communities impacted by the 2018 BC Fires. This program provides some relief through financial assistance for small business owners who have suffered uninsured, financial loss as a result of the fires.
Eligible small business owners and not-for-profit organizations who were affected by the 2018 fires could receive modest financial support to assist with things like: uninsured losses, deductibles, minor repairs, clean-up and equipment.

What businesses are eligible to receive Support to Small Business funding?
The Support to Small Business program will be available to small businesses and not-for-profit organizations who are located on the list of eligible communities which have been identified by the Province of BC.

Types of businesses, organizations:  In addition, applicants must:
  1. Have 50 employees or less.*
  2. Be located in a community identified as eligible for the program by Province of BC.
  3. Have been in operation on or before August 2, 2018
  4. Be financially vulnerable as a result of the 2018 British Columbia Fires.
  5. Have resumed or are intending to resume operations.
  6. Have a net income of less than $250,000 (calculated as revenue less expenses).*
  7. Have the business be their primary source of income.*
*Does not apply to not-for-profit organizations.

How long is the application period?
We will begin accepting applications on June 17, 2019 and the deadline is September 30, 2019.

What information or documents will I need to submit as part of my application?
A complete list of acceptable documentation can be found here.

My business has been in operation for less than one year. What documentation can I submit?
Please contact us at to discuss your needs.
What types of expenses are eligible for the programs?
The additional financial assistance of the Program will provide support of to a maximum of $20,000 for actual and direct costs incurred after August 2, 2018 and as a result of the BC fires. The following are examples of costs that are not covered by insurance that could be eligible for assistance:
  • Replacing essential items such as business tools and equipment
  • Assistance with clean-up expenses, moving or storage, professional cleaning and small repairs
  • Assistance with overdue utility bills, lease payments and short-term lease of business equipment or vehicles
  • Assistance with loss of livestock, feed or fencing
I am a home-based business, am I eligible to apply?
Each business that meets the minimum requirements can apply for support funding.
Will anyone ask me for banking information?
Banking information is not required, however details about your business financials will be required in order to determine whether you meet the eligibility criteria. This is a process that must be followed in order to maintain the integrity of the program.