Before applying to the program, please go through this self-assessment.


What type of crisis or situation has occurred that makes it difficult to maintain your housing needs at this particular time?
What factors are contributing to the current situation? Eg. Have you lost your ability to maintain your housing due to job loss or illness?
Do you have mental health concerns, a physical disability or are you fleeing abuse?
Are you new to Calgary?
Do you have dependents (i.e. children) who are also affected by this crisis?


Are you able to find additional sources of income to help resolve the situation?

  • employment (temp, part-time, full-time)
  • asking family or friends
  • eliminating non-essential expenses
  • making payment arrangements with the landlord or utility company
  • using the security deposit from your previous residence


Is your housing crisis situation temporary - or is it ongoing?
What changes will you be able to make in the next month that will ensure that your housing will no longer be at risk?

Other Resources

Have you considered applying to Social Services?
Have you applied for other government funding that you might be eligible for (eg. Child Tax, Employment Insurance, Worker's Compensation Board, Canada Pension)?
Do you belong to a particular social group or community that might be able to offer assistance to its members?