Alberta Community Housing

Supporting People in Need

The Canadian Red Cross is committed to addressing the issue of homelessness in Calgary by providing assistance to low-income families and individuals who are currently homeless or who are at risk of becoming homeless.

The Community Housing Support Program assists people who are most vulnerable and who have the least capacity to help themselves in their current situation. At the same time, we recognize that people have skills, abilities and resources of their own that can help them get through difficult times. Through our program, we work together to help people secure or maintain housing and return to stability.

What we do

We help people secure safe housing or maintain their current housing by:

  • discussing various resources that are available in the community
  • providing referrals to other programs and services (eg. social assistance, food banks, subsidized housing)
  • offering partial one-time financial assistance toward security deposits or rental arrears
  • assisting with a partial one-time payment for essential utilities (electricity or gas) when disconnection is a concern (between late fall and early spring only)
  • advocating to landlords or utility companies on behalf of clients

Who is eligible for financial assistance?

Our resources are limited and we must prioritize each request according to the urgency of need. We also consider the vulnerability of the applicant and/or their dependants, the ability of the applicant to help themselves and whether our assistance will help stabilize someone's situation in the long-term. Before applying to the program, we ask that people go through a self-assessment.