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Canadian Red Cross
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Faces of Humanity is a campaign which examined Canada’s humanitarian history through the personal stories of Canadian aid workers who played a part in operations fighting Ebola in West Africa, supporting Syrian refugees, and rebuilding following the Nepal earthquake. The campaign launched in March 2016, and included exhibits and events across the country to help engage Canadians in humanitarian issues. 

The campaign shared these stories was through a series of photographs of Canadian Red Cross aid workers in their everyday surroundings, accompanied by statements about their humanitarian accomplishments. Faces of Humanity showcased humanitarians from medical practitioners, to electricians, social workers and engineers who use their skills to respond to emergencies and disasters around the world. The photos were featured in exhibits and were shared online. 

In addition to exhibits, events included talks with Canadian aid workers from the Red Cross and other organizations about humanitarian response, ethics in aid work, and the sharing of personal accounts about responding to disasters and emergencies. 

The Faces of Humanity campaign was made possible through a strategic partnership with the Government of Canada. The partnership was signed in June, 2012 with the purpose of strengthening local Red Cross and Red Crescent societies in target countries as well as improving the international response capacity of the IFRC.

Faces of Humanity Campaign Material

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