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During the first day of classes at Central Kings Rural High School in Cambridge, Nova Scotia in September 2007, a male grade 9 student was bullied for wearing a pink polo shirt. When word spread of threats of physical violence, two senior students decided to act, and discussed how to help the student with their friends. The next day, pink tank tops were handed out in the school foyer. 

Their colourful protest against bullying spread quickly to schools across the country. Within a few years, their actions inspired annual “Pink Day” events around the world, drawing attention to the need to create safe environments for all.

The next day, pink tank tops were handed out in the school foyer.

The Canadian Red Cross has added its expertise to Pink celebrations through its commitment to bullying prevention efforts. The Respect Education program, launched in 1984, has partnered with schools and communities to teach youth how to prevent violence – including bullying and harassment – and promote healthier relationships.

The Beyond the Hurt program uses youth facilitators to lead workshops aimed at elementary and high school students, allowing for a more relaxed discussion of power dynamics, motivating participants to take action instead being bystanders when bullying occurs. Violence prevention courses are also available for adults who want to create a healthier environment for children, youth and adults.'

Pink Day activities are increasingly reaching out beyond schools to spread the message of treating all youth respectfully. For 2016, the Manitoba branches of the Red Cross encouraged workplaces to register, offering a resource guide with suggestions for support beyond donning pink t-shirts.

Canadian Red Cross Pink Day T-shirt

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