Let’s stand together
to stop bullying.

Be someone’s hero. Get your Red Cross Pink Day shirt today.

About Red Cross Pink Day

In 2007, a Grade 9 student in Cambridge, N.S. was bullied by classmates for wearing a pink shirt to school. This caught the attention of two Grade 12 students named Travis Price and David Shepherd who rallied their friends to send a message to the bullies. The next day the halls were filled with students in pink T-shirts. This was the beginning of Pink Day.

February 28, 2018 is Red Cross Pink Day — it’s a day for everyone to show their solidarity against bullying by wearing a pink shirt. Visible demonstrations of solidarity are essential because bullying thrives when bystanders remain quiet. More than half the time, when someone speaks out, bullying stops in as little as 10 seconds.

Considering that 75 percent of surveyed Canadians say they have been affected by bullying, it’s time to take action and empower our youth to stand together against bullying. It’s our job to teach them that courage is contagious — when they stand up to bullying in a safe way, others will find the strength to do the same. What better way to send that message than filling schools across Canada with the progressive symbol of vibrant pink shirts?

Be Someone’s Hero. That’s the slogan for this year’s Red Cross Pink Day. Kids can be each other’s heroes by standing up to bullying, and we can be heroes to those same kids by supporting Red Cross Pink Day. Together, we can create safe and respectful environments for everyone. Get your Red Cross Pink Day shirt today. Every shirt we sell means we can reach one more kid with this crucial education.


As an educator, you see the extent and impact of bullying first-hand, and you’ve also seen that the best action we can take is to stand together against bullying. Just imagine your classroom or school hallways filled with bustling children wearing bright pink shirts as a show of support for the anti-bullying movement.

After all, bullying doesn’t only affect individuals. Schools and entire communities also suffer the effects of bullying. The only way to change this behaviour is to join together in a bold statement that says we want to put an end to bullying.

This Red Cross Pink Day, find out how you can bring pink shirts to your school or classroom. Every shirt your school purchases will provide funds to educate one more student about this crucial issue.

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Other ways to support Red Cross Pink Day – Businesses and Community Members

Bullying doesn’t only affect individuals, it has a sweeping impact across entire communities. Combating bullying is our combined responsibility — the problem is far too complex and deep-seated to be resolved by the education sector alone. But make no mistake, bullying can be stopped. Bullying is not an inevitability. The key is working together as community members, as coworkers and as neighbours to put an end to bullying behaviour.

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