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Canadian Red Cross’s a girl!


“This week I really had a great experience. I helped a woman give birth in a Canadian Red Cross vehicle,” said Cyril Stein, coordinator of operations for the Canadian Red Cross in Jacmel, Haiti and when not on assignment a firefighter based in Montreal QC.

On July 4, 2011, Cyril and three other Canadian Red Cross personnel doing relief work in Haiti experienced a life changing event they won’t soon forget.

As the foursome drove on the road outside Jacmel they were flagged down by a group of people. The group told them that a woman from the village was in labour and they had no way to get her to the hospital. Without hesitation the Canadian Red Cross crew loaded the mother into their Red Cross vehicle and set out on the 45 minute drive to the hospital, however only a few short moments later it was clear that there was not enough time to get
her there.

Croix-Rouge canadienne
Proud mother and new baby daughter

“We stopped,” said Cyril. “And helped the woman give birth and then took her to the local hospital. It was completely unexpected, but a very beautiful moment, a moment that reminds us why we are here.”

As millions of Haitians continue to rebuild their lives, so continues the work of the Canadian Red Cross to help those affected by the devastating earthquake get back to a normal way of life. Thank you for providing help and hope to survivors like the young mother from Jacmel and her new baby girl.

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Your help is also needed here at home

Just as the Canadian Red Cross is supporting emergency response operations in Haiti, over 25,000 Red Cross volunteers in Canada are ready and prepared to respond when Canadians need help.

In fact, every 4 hours local volunteers respond to a disaster in Canada. Right now, thousands of volunteers have mobilized to support flood and fire response efforts in Western Canada and Quebec.

Our work both in Canada and around the world would not be possible without the tremendous support of donors like you. On behalf of the entire team, THANK YOU!

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