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Dear Supporter,

Earlier this month I shared with you the story of Braiden Turner, a young woman who was bullied so often, her health was suffering. This is just one story of so many that I have heard from people about their childhood experiences. Stories about how bullying was so severe that it made them skip classes, withdraw from others, engage in dangerous behaviours, and even quit school to stop the pain.

At the Canadian Red Cross we believe that young people deserve to live, work and play in safe environments - free of violence, abuse... and bullying. For over 25 years the Canadian Red Cross, through its RespectED: Violence & Abuse Prevention programs, has been working to break the cycle of hurt experienced by young people who are bullied or abused. And we continue to need your help.

Education is the key to prevention. By donating today you will help us to educate and train more people across Canada in how to prevent bullying, abuse and violence and how to create safe environments for our young people. People such as the teachers and students at two secondary schools in Nanaimo, British Columbia who will join others across the country as Red Cross Training Partners.

On April 13th, 2012 it was announced that two schools in the Woodlands and Nanaimo District would participate in the RespectED Bullying Prevention Education program called Beyond the Hurt. Canadian Red Cross personnel will provide training to high school teachers and, from there, teachers will train student volunteers in grades 10-12 who will then deliver the program to younger students, including elementary students.

Beyond the Hurt trains students to promote safe and healthy environments for children and youth and covers topics such as: healthy youth relationships and healthy schools; power and the role it plays in bullying dynamics; four types of bullying; negative impacts of bullying; effective and safe responses to bullying; and creating a positive and inclusive culture in schools.

"We're always looking for a different approach," said Bob Esliger, Woodlands and Nanaimo District principal of student support services. "It's grounded in research that students do learn a lot quicker and a lot faster from each other. Kids get tired of hearing the same thing. Sometimes all you need is a peer to be saying the same thing and students will get it."

Help us help people "get it." Donate today and put a stop to bullying.


Leslie Dunning
Director General, Violence & Abuse Prevention
Canadian Red Cross


Donate now and help us put a stop to bullying.

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Beyond the Hurt: Success Stories

New Brunswick Youth Facilitator:
"This past year I had the amazing opportunity to be part of the Red Cross anti-bullying program. Thank you so much for choosing my school as one of the schools that is taking part in this amazing program that I truly believe has the power to end bullying."

Ontario Teacher:
"Our students have made an impact and a difference. My students were so well trained by your facilitators that they were able to educate and enlighten others. We educate constantly, but when an individual takes the knowledge and uses it to change their behaviour then we know we have succeeded."

Saskatchewan Student:
"What I learned is that you shouldn’t judge people on the outside - get to know them on the inside."

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