Terms and Conditions Holiday 2020
Through both domestic and international programs, the Canadian Red Cross provides each of the actual gifts on display to individuals and families in need. With your inspired purchase, however, your gift is symbolic and the funds you donate in support of either our domestic or international programs are directed to wherever the need is greatest. All items symbolize products and services within the Canadian Red Cross’ program areas.

For example, selecting a domestic item such as a Mobile Food Bank, Disaster Relief Pack or Warm Blankets means your funds will be directed to the Canadian Red Cross Fund. The Canadian Red Cross Fund supports our domestic Emergency Management work and is also used to support the entire organization, as this allows flexibility for the funds raised to be used wherever the current need is greatest. If you select international items such as the ERU IV Equipment, Food & Water Relief, or Newborn Health and Comfort Pack, your funds will go to our International Programs Fund and will support our international programming.

This means that your gift allows the Canadian Red Cross the flexibility to assess needs as they arise and respond in the most effective and efficient way possible. We believe that your support of the Canadian Red Cross also shows that you trust us to make your donation have the most impact possible.

Limited Time Match Terms and Conditions:
During limited periods, SGI CANADA will match public individual donations up to a maximum of $60,000. This generous commitment is a component of SGI CANADA’s generous $125,000 donation in support of the Canadian Red Cross Disaster Response Alliance.

To learn more about how the Canadian Red Cross helps those in need, visit redcross.ca/how-we-help.