Gift of Property

You can choose to give property. 

Fair Market Value: Charitable tax receipts can be given for established fair market value at the time of the transfer of the property.  An independent evaluation may be required to determine fair market value.

Examples of Property You Could Donate:

  • Real Estate: Houses, cottages, commercial build­ings
  • Personal Property:  Jewelry, antiques, art, vehicles, collections
  • Principal Residence:  A charitable tax receipt is given for the fair market value which offset other taxes on your Estate.  There is no tax levied on the principal residence itself.    
  • Cottage or Other Real Estate:  Revenue Canada levies tax on the capital gain of all other real estate assets.  A charitable tax receipt can help to offset the tax on the gain as well as other taxes in your Estate.   

Not currently accepted:  Gifts of foreign real estate    

The Canadian Red Cross recommends that you consult a financial and/or legal advisor before making these important decisions.

For more information on how you can give a Gift of Property to the Red Cross, please contact your local Red Cross Gift Planning Representative.