Refugee Crisis Appeal

Published October 2016

The conflict in Syria is now in it’s 6th year, with no end in sight. The repercussions of over 5 years of conflict are now being felt in the region and around the globe. There are over 4.7M refugees registered in Lebanon and Turkey. In addition, over 1M refugees have sought refuge in Europe. As of September 2016, over 3,400 individuals have lost their life trying to reach Europe for a better life.

Families continue to flee the increased cycle of violence in Syria and try to find refuge in neighbouring countries such as Lebanon and Turkey.   In order to find a new home where they do not fear for their lives, an increasing number of families and their children take the risk to cross the Mediterranean in order to find safe refuge in Europe.

Donations to the Refugee Crisis Appeal
The Canadian Red Cross is currently focusing its response at the source of the crisis, in the Middle East and North Africa region and is providing support in Lebanon, Syria and Turkey who are the most affected by the conflict in Syria and its repercussions in the sectors of health and institutional support. As the humanitarian needs continue to grow on a daily basis and the conflict in Syria continues to intensify, it is crucial to ensure that resources continue to be available to respond to the long term humanitarian needs. Overall donations to those operations may be used to support Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies responses in the areas of medical equipment and supplies, essential medicines, nutrition supplements. In addition, your donation may be used to support operations costs for health facilities such as hospitals, clinics, nutrition centers.  
Canadian Red Cross Appeals
When we launch an appeal, donations made in response to it are used to help communities and countries identified in the appeal to recover from emergencies and disasters by providing immediate assistance and relief.  Once these urgent needs have been met, we may use any remaining funds in and beyond the region to strengthen resilience to future emergencies and disasters or to provide humanitarian aid in the event that new needs arise.

The fundraising cost related to any emergency appeal will not exceed five per cent. Remaining funds will be used for Red Cross operations to support vulnerable people, families and communities.