International Disaster Relief Fund

9 out of 10 emergency operations are responding to smaller to medium more ‘silent’ disasters which go unnoticed around the world, and rarely reach international media. However, these disasters are anything but silent to those who are impacted and must live with their effects. The International Disaster Relief Fund allows the Canadian Red Cross to respond to such under-funded or neglected emergencies for which support is needed on the ground urgently. As the number of disasters increase, the need for resources is also growing. This fund ensure the Canadian Red Cross can respond immediately to disasters anywhere in the world in a flexible manner and based on needs.

Donations can support the provision of immediate relief and recovery assistance in the form of food, relief items, shelter and medical aid in communities affected by natural disasters, health epidemics conflict. Donations also enable the Canadian Red Cross to send specialized aid workers and emergency field hospitals anywhere around the world within 24-48 hours of an emergency.