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Learning to love my lifejacket

National Lifejacket Day – did you even know there was such a thing?  Just before the May long weekend every year, the Canadian Red Cross works to raise awareness about the importance of wearing lifejackets. Each year, my colleagues and I wear lifejackets to work for the day to prompt conversations about drowning prevention. But being wide and busty, the ones I used to wear sat too high and barely closed.
Until recently, the truth is I hated lifejackets.  

National Lifejacket Day: #LifeJacketLiving, then and now

My grandpa was... a character.

A retired jail guard, he towered over most people and delighted in giving everyone, especially my new boyfriends, the 3rd degree.

His catch phrases – more like a series of not-so-subtle common sense reminders – were a running family joke. At the cottage, you frequently heard his booming voice: “Close the door!” “Turn out the lights!” and, whenever we headed toward the water, “Where’s your lifejacket?”

3 tips to help kids overcome the fear of water

As warmer weather approaches, we start to think about pools, beaches, and open water. Although swimming can provide hours of endless fun, it can also be feared. Follow these three simple tips to help your children enjoy the water. 

3 things you need to know to survive your beach vacation

Like most Canadians, I am itching to ditch the cold and lie on a beach somewhere. I’m searching for travel deals and getting insider tips on the best places to go. I’m also making sure I can enjoy my whole vacation and get back in one piece! I’m a Red Crosser so ‘safety first’ is one of our unspoken mottos. Here are a few things to remember if you’re looking to head south like me.

Calling all kids under 12 – Become part of Canada’s Swim Team

As families prepare for what most people may refer to as the “last weekend of summer”, the Red Cross reminds Canadians that swim season isn’t over yet.

Kayak safety: Do you know what to do?

You may have seen this recent video of a man who capsized while kayaking that’s making the rounds on social media. Luckily, Max is ok but clearly he did not know what to do. In response, we want to offer some kayak safety dos and don’ts should you find yourself in a similar situation.

Top tips for boating safety

Red Cross boating safety staff have been on the road visiting lakes, beaches and other bodies of water throughout the Atlantic provinces this summer to promote boating and water safety. They have been tweeting about their travels and experiences through @boatsafeatl and we wanted to share some of their helpful tips and photos to help you stay safe this long weekend.

Boating tips to enjoy your summer safely

It feels like summer is finally here and it's time to enjoy some favourite water activities, such as boating. As we mark Water Safety Week, we would like to remind you of some safety rules that could keep you and your fellow boaters safe this summer.

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