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Love of swimming provides foundation for life-changing work

As a four-year-old, John Napier splashed around his neighbourhood pool in Grand Prairie during his swimming lessons provided by the Canadian Red Cross. “You could say I was indoctrinated from a very young age,” he jokes. Now, Napier is a Water Safety Master Instructor Trainer with the Canadian Red Cross and has been a volunteer since 1998.

Red Cross Pink Day Youth Ambassador for 2016 shares her experiences with bullying

Chelsie is the Red Cross Pink Day Youth Ambassador for 2016 in Saskatchewan and is committed to sharing her story of bullying that she endured in high school. She sat down with our communications team for a question and answer session to discuss.

From refugee to Red Cross employee, in less than ten days

A few years ago, Mohamad left his home in Syria and settled in Egypt, as a refugee. On December 9, he landed in Montreal and became a permanent resident of Canada. He was welcomed by a group who sponsored him, one of the members being Danielle Leblanc, a past employee and international delegate with the Canadian Red Cross.

Update: Syrian refugees arriving in Canada

The Canadian Red Cross is working closely with governement parters, local officials and other agencies to help support the needs of Syrian refugees arriving in Canada. 

How Devon Marshall doesn’t let a disability hold him back

Devon Marshall’s principle; “My disability works for me, I don’t work for it. I am the boss!” has helped him rise above his physical disability and made him an invaluable volunteer at the Red Cross Medicine Hat office.

Red Cross volunteering: in the Great White North and Panama's jungles

Even though I volunteer for Red Cross in Alberta when I am there, some might call me a fair weather friend these days and I’m fine with that.  After all, there is no snow to shovel in Panama this time of year and I can escape the Great White North to experience a completely different way of life and do more volunteering from Panama’s jungles.  

Former soldier now volunteers with his Red Cross family

A former Iranian solider and long-time volunteer, Mahmood Jafari, now calls the Canadian Red Cross his family.

After leaving friends and relatives behind in 1997 to migrate to Calgary, his lonely transition was made easier after he met two former Red Cross staffers, Peter Worsley and Vince Bodnar, who encouraged him to volunteer. Although Mahmood suffered a serious injury in Iraq that left him in a wheelchair, he agreed Red Cross would be a good way to help others.

Resolutions for a great 2016

Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe that it’s already 2016. Many of us are starting off the year by making some resolutions to make 2016 great. Looking for ideas? 

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