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Refugee crisis: How and why we’re helping

Here are some of the ways we’re helping respond to the refugee crisis and why it’s part of our mission to help protect humanity in times of crisis.

Refugee crisis: Red Cross in action

Millions of Syrians are displaced both inside Syria and increasingly in neighbouring countries and Europe. An estimated 350,000 people have entered Europe so far this year, fleeing conflict in Syria, but also arriving from Iraq, Afghanistan and parts of Africa. These include many women, children and families.

Photos: Canadian Red Cross shipping relief items to aid refugees in Germany

The Canadian Red Cross is shipping 20,000 relief items (cots and blankets) to support the German Red Cross response to the refugee crisis.

Photo of the day: a little hope in Syria

While on a planning mission in May this year, Maya Helwani, from the Canadian Red Cross, along with a volunteer from the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC), were in Homs, Syria.  Astonishingly, they found a small white flower growing amongst the rubble, and they shared a moment of hopefulness together.

Photos: Red Cross helping refugees in Europe

Thousands of people are arriving in Europe every week to escape conflict and violence in their home countries. The majority of displaced people are from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, many of whom are children and women.

Syria crisis collaboration: Canadian Red Cross welcomes Secretary General of Homs Branch from SARC

The Canadian Red Cross has had the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Moataz Al-Atassi, Secretary General of Homs Branch from the Syrian Arab Red Cresent (SARC), during his visit to Canada.  For two days, Dr. Atassi met with the Canadian Red Cross to discuss the Syria crisis and explained the reality faced by SARC staff and volunteers to provide humanitarian assistance in Syria.

Syrian refugees starting new life in Turkey

Sara came to Turkey two years ago, fleeing conflict in her hometown. “Many of us saw very bad things happening,” she said. “We are adults but there are many children needing psychological support as they experienced a lot of trauma. They need to be able to express what they feel.”

Syrian refugees surviving winter with community support

Zeytan and her family came to Turkey less than year ago, after her father went missing.

“We don’t know where he is,” Zeytan’s mother said. “We waited as much as we could but it was not safe there anymore. I was pregnant and with a little baby. We crossed the border running, with nothing, just what we could carry.”

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