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Volunteer teaches about humanitarian issues around the world

Some of our volunteers have been with us since they were young. Let me introduce you to Bernadette Maheandiran from Toronto. She’s one of them. Bernadette started teaching youth about humanitarian issues when she was 15 years-old.  Now 27 and a la...

My first aid class – learning ABCs is as easy as 123

I arrived at my first aid class this week armed with a pen, a notebook, and a thirst for some first aid knowledge. I will admit it had been awhile since I had brushed up on my first aid skills. I got my certification years back, and meant to recertif...

Red Cross teaching sailors to say “ahoy!” to First Aid

A shipmate is not paying attention because of commotion on deck.  He steps back and falls into the cargo hold. He is conscious, but cannot get to his feet.  What do you do? The Red Cross is helping seafarers prepare for situations like these and m...

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The purpose of this blog, quite simply, is to talk. This blog is an opportunity for Red Cross staff, volunteers, supporters and friends to share stories about what is happening in your community and the important work you are doing. It is a tool that will help keep all of us connected.

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